Gerrans to undergo surgery

Simon Gerrans is set to undergo surgery on both shoulders today, but the Australian still believes h

Simon Gerrans is set to undergo surgery on both shoulders today, but the Australian still believes h


Ag2r's Simon Gerrans will undergo surgery in a Nice hospital today (Thursday) on both shoulders but is confident of a speedy recovery in the wake of his crash during Tuesday's final sprint in the GP d'Ouverture la Marseillaise in the south of France.

"Basically my left collar-bone is in three pieces so they're going to pin that back together so it heals quickly and, as far as my right shoulder is concerned, the AC joint has popped out because of the ligament tear so they will screw that back into place," said Gerrans. "The specialist is really positive and says I should be back on the home trainer four or five days after the surgery.

"He said if I was a regular person and not an athlete they wouldn't even operate but because it's both sides, but as I want to get back on the bike as soon as possible they'll do the surgery."

The medical advice was encouraging for the 25 year old who admits he was feeling "pretty ordinary" and is happy to now have a clear idea of where he stands as far as his recovery is concerned.

"Now I know what's going on and what's coming up it's a lot better," he said. "If they weren't going to operate I would have been pretty frustrated because at the moment I can't move my left arm and I only have about 20 per cent movement in my right."

Gerrans, who hopes to be selected in the Commonwealth Games team named today, doesn't believe the injuries will affect his chances but is prepared to sacrifice his place if his recovery doesn't go according to plan.

"I really hope I will be selected and if so I'll be completely honest with the team about my form," he explained. "If when it's getting close I don't think I'm up to it I'll withdraw.

"But really I may only miss a week or so on the bike and I'm in great shape so I should be able to come back to race fitness quickly."

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