Giant to roll on new wheels

UK mountain bike laced with Halo

Team Giant UK have signed up to use Halo Wheels on all their bikes for 2008. Team Manager Rob Warner was so impressed with the Halo Wheels that Team Rider Chris Smith had already been using, he wanted the rest of the Team Bikes to be fitted with them.

The Giant UK Team consists of Rob Warner, Dan Yeomans, Chris Smith and Kate Curd.

They will be using:

Halo Freedom Disc wheels built onto Halo Spin Doctor Hubs (Chris Smith Signature White Colourway) on their 4X and freeride bikes.

White Halo Freedom Disc Rims built onto Halo Dozen 150/12 rear hubs on their downhill bikes.

White Halo SAS rims built onto Halo DJD SS Cassette Hubs on their dirt Jump Bikes.

Rob will also be using Halo Excite-D XC wheels on his XC training bike.

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