Good day, Bad day - stage 16

Not all good news for US Postal on the Alpe, and a better day for T-Mobile who may yet push Basso ou

Not all good news for US Postal on the Alpe, and a better day for T-Mobile who may yet push Basso ou
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE BAD DAY: US Postal-Berry Floor: Great stage win for the head honcho but the team car has been relegated to last place in the line of support cars for a "dangerous manoeuvre towards a French TV motorbike." Marks out of 10 - a trifling two; losing his team car to the back of the bunch seems unlikely to bother Lance Armstrong. Aart Vierhouten and David Bramati: The shame of being eliminated in a 15km time trial hangs over these two after both failed too make it inside the time limit at Alpe d'Huez. Bramati finished a whopping 15-04 behind Armstrong (which is almost a minute lost a kilometre), while Vierhouten was just under 14 minutes down on the Texan. Marks out of 10 - nine for notoriety, this is bound to be a quiz question in years to come. Germans: It's bad enough to have your Kaiser labelled a tubby, out-of-shape diesel by the home media, but it's even worse to be described as "disgusting" by the Tour champion himself. You'll get pretty good odds on US Postal riding in the Deutschland Tour next year, we reckon. Marks out of 10 - a puerile five for some of the more tasteless roadside graffiti that the procycling team has seen. GOOD DAY: Jan Ullrich: Proved that he still has it on the Alpe, even if such a performance was enough to make his admirers and supporters wonder what the hell he'd been up to all Tour. The podium looks possible now, providing he can turn in a similar ride in the time trial in Besancon. Marks out of 10 - a double-edged five; he's back in form, but it's too little, too late Vladimir Karpets: Seventh place on the stage was a top result for the young Russian who has climbed closer to Thomas Voeckler in the best young rider competition and now will hope to make up more lost ground in Le Grand Bornand and more probably, in the final time trial in Besancon. Marks out of 10 - an excellent eight. Andreas Kloeden: Walter Godefroot says that Kloeden feels the pressure, but he wasn't showing any nerves today with third place on the stage. Can he climb higher in the general classification in the few days to come and steal second place from the apparently fading Basso? Maybe - and maybe even Ullrich can join him to squeeze the Lance-ster into a T-Mobile sandwich. Marks out of 10 - a steady seven for holding his nerve
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