Grabovskyy steps up for gold

Second in Wednesday's under-23 time trial, Ukraine's Dmytro Grabovskyy goes one place better in the

Second in Wednesday's under-23 time trial, Ukraine's Dmytro Grabovskyy goes one place better in the
PIC BY PETER COSSINS Silver medallist in the under-23 time trial championship on Wednesday, Ukraine's Dmytro Grabovskyy went one better in Saturday afternoon's road race, taking an extremely impressive solo victory after riding away from a breakaway group of six riders on a long drag 10km from the finish. That group split behind the untouchable Grabovskyy, and the silver medal was decided in a sprint between Australia's William Walker and Russia's Evgeni Popov, with Rabobank continental team member Walker outpacing Popov easily at the line. Determined to improve on his performance on Wednesday, Grabovskyy was on the attack from the third of the eight laps. On the third, he and Italy's Tiziano Dall'Antonian got across to a group who were in pursuit of three early leaders. On the fifth circuit, the two groups merged, and on the following lap the Italian attacked and went clear on his own. On the penultimate lap, Grabovskyy went off in pursuit of Dall'Antonia, who spent a good deal of time stretching his cramping legs. The pair came together on that circuit and began to work hard to maintain their advantage, which was 50 seconds going into the final 21km lap. It seemed all over for the pair when that lead evaporated in the face of a strong pursuit by four riders, who caught them halfway into the final circuit. But Grabovskyy still had the strength for one more effort, attacking again on a long drag with 10k left and then adopting time trial mode as the chase behind him became disorganised. For a while it looked as if the Ukrainian might be hunted down, but in the closing kilometres his lead crept up, leaving him plenty of time to celebrate on the final straight. "I was on the attack for the whole second half of the race," said the new world champion, who finished second in the world junior time trial championship in Hamilton two years ago. "It's my birthday next week, so this is a good present, especially as I was a little bit disappointed with the silver medal in the time trial. I was determined to do something special today and it will great being able to wear the rainbow jersey next year." A year younger than the 20-year-old Ukrainian, Australia's Walker said that when he reached the group chasing Grabovskyy he realised most of them were tired. "I just saw a good point to make an attack and went for it. I'm pleased with the medal, there was just one guy who was too good for us today." 1 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine) 168km in 3.56.23 (42.64kph) 2 William Walker (Australia) 0.26 3 Evgeni Popov (Russia) 4 Carlo Westphal (Germany) 0.33 5 Christopher Sutton (Australia) 6 Tiziano Dall'Antonia (Italy) 7 Gianni Meersman (Belgium) 8 Steve Morabito (Switzerland) 9 Philip Deignan (Ireland) 10 Pieter Jacobs (Belgium) 14 Mark Cavendish (Great Britain) 19 Rafa Chtioui (Tunisia) 47 Christian Meier (Canada) 50 Ryan Roth (Canada) 75 Peter Latham (New Zealand) 2.32 93 Geraint Thomas (Great Britain) 4.10 94 James Meadley (Australia) 98 Scott Lyttle (New Zealand) 4.19 99 Logan Hutchings (New Zealand)
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