Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego gives cyclists a true Italian experience

Sunshine makes for successful 2011 edition

The third edition of the Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego was highly successful as more than 2,500 cyclists experienced a piece of Italian culture in a mass-start group ride held on 10 April in California. The social ride was followed by a late-lunch where riders were treated to quality foods and wines of Italy.

"The event was phenomenal because we were graced by good weather with sunshine and it became a gorgeous day with a breeze from the ocean," said Matteo Gerevini of Gran Fondo USA. "This race is becoming a classic, starting in Little Italy, and all the riders rode out to the seaside."

Former professional cyclist Peter "Paco" Wrolich, from Austria, lined up at the front of the mass of cyclists under the Little Italy arch in downtown San Diego. The sound of three Ferrari engines and two Ducati motors roared to signify the start of the 168km Gran Fondo and 100km Medio Fondo.

The Gran Fondo route included more than 5,500ft of climbing that included a timed King (and Queen) of the Mountain ascent on Honey Springs Road, a 10.7km ascent that averages a 5.2 percent gradient. Italy’s Luca Ortolani won the race to the top of the climb in a time of 29:17 followed by Lars Finanger in 29:22 and David Brummer, who made it to the top in 30:13.

Canada’s Yew Ann won the women’s timed ascent in a time of 35:47 followed by Athena Countouriotis who rode in 36:32 and Terry Martin Durel in 38:18. "This woman was spectacular because she arrived at the Gran Fondo without her bike and had to borrow a friend's," said Gerevini. "But she still went out there and did it."

In addition to the aid stations along route, participants were treated to an Italian-style lunch that included an array of pastas, Grana Padano cheeses and wines from Il Palagetto, Il Borro and Castiglion del Bosco, Ferragamo's Family and Brunello Di Montalcino wineries.

"The riders were given a feast of Italian foods and it was truly an Italian affair," Gerevini said. "There were tablecloths of red and black linens and bows, with all kinds of appetizers, foods, desserts, coffee and wine of superb quality."

Gran Fondo USA, organizers of the event, put on a two-day expo that showcased more than 70 exhibitors including top Italian cycling brands Colnago and Campagnolo. According to Gerevini, there will be additional musical and family entertainment included during future events to attract family and friends of the participants along with the general public.

"The expo was exceptionally vibrant this year because of the beautiful weather," said Gerevini. "There were so many different displays, from products like athletic sportswear to shoes, along with equipment and gorgeous Italian foods and everything in between. But we want to improve it for those who might not want to actively participate in the ride by bringing in more entertainment."

The next event will be held in Los Angeles, starting on Rodeo Drive, on 26 June and will coincide with the Dolce Vita week-long Italian festival. The second annual Philadelphia ride will take place on 14 August and the series will conclude at a new venue in Miami on 20 November.

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Timed King and Queen of the Mountain results

Overall men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
199Luca Ortolani (40-44 men) 0:29:17.8
280Lars Finanger (30-34 men) 0:29:22.6
3625Davidj Bruemmer (35-39 men) 0:30:13.0
Overall women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11708Ann Yew (35-39 women) 0:35:47.2
2692Athena Countouriotis (40-44 women) 0:36:32.3
3119Katya Meyers (30-34 women) 0:37:23.8
Age group (excl top 3 M/W overall)
Category: 20-24 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
1983Kat Keivens 0:55:08.8
Category: 20-24 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11305Manuel Sanchez 0:37:37.7
21162Peter Myers 0:42:43.8
344Alex Jarman 0:43:08.2
4651Christopher Castello 0:44:04.7
53457Jeremy Fields 0:45:43.7
63452Abe Rodas 0:48:49.8
7947Jd Jackson 0:49:52.7
81259Ysidro Ramirez 0:50:44.8
9756Jason Edwards 0:50:56.7
10601Kyle Boatwright 0:51:43.8
Category: 25-29 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
177Sara Cates 0:38:26.0
2857Jennifer Gores 0:41:22.9
33481Sharona Guggernheim 0:46:38.2
4107Jene' Shaw 0:53:11.5
5563Kristy Bastian 0:53:58.3
61349Stephanie Snaman 0:55:04.0
71015Julie Kulas 0:56:13.0
8951Katie Jaeger 0:58:12.9
91436Sindy Vasquez 1:07:41.7
10973Jamie Kacura 1:14:17.8
Category: 25-29 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
13424Everett Hauser 0:31:21.2
2559Airey Baringer 0:33:29.5
31008Christian Kownacki 0:33:56.6
4879Jeremy Hanson 0:34:27.2
5666Chad Cheverier 0:34:34.4
6878Nolan Hansen 0:34:59.5
7746Ryan Drew 0:35:09.0
8648Zachary Carter 0:36:02.9
91299Juandiego Saffon 0:36:36.0
10687Alfredo Contreras 0:36:43.9
Category: 30-34 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11063Stefania Lovati 0:40:44.4
31108Jessica Mckimmie 0:42:15.1
41257Cheryl Ramancionis 0:43:18.8
51464Crystal Waterman 0:46:21.2
61102Gina Maxson 0:50:45.0
71288Jennifer Roop 0:51:02.7
81336Kristine Simon 0:51:17.8
9504Amanda Abell 0:58:04.3
10936Megan Hughes 1:07:21.8
Category: 30-34 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11131Drew Miller 0:30:26.6
2839Sean Gilbert 0:33:30.1
3118Jordan De Jong 0:35:15.2
41718Tim Zaspal Jr 0:36:00.6
5547Blaize Baehrens 0:36:33.3
63427Landon Lueck 0:36:44.7
71295Dan Rusert 0:37:31.5
8603Michael Borba 0:37:38.5
9659Anthony Chang 0:38:01.0
10678Christopher Coelho 0:38:01.0
Category: 35-39 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
1607Jennie Bottalico 0:38:49.0
2827Claudia Garcia 0:42:10.4
3964Sonja Johnson 0:42:20.6
4944Ito Misuzu (Jojo) 0:43:53.1
51291Sherri Rothenberger 0:47:14.7
61093Jenny Martin 0:50:49.8
71326Angela Shartel 0:51:00.4
8908Heather Hipp 0:53:05.8
91083Danielle Maloney 0:55:26.7
10543Jacquelyn Atkinson 0:55:29.1
Category: 35-39 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11405Philip Tinstman 0:31:52.0
263Joel Price 0:31:53.7
31105Shannon Mcgee 0:32:04.8
43401Cristobal Viveros 0:33:47.5
5606Fabio Bottalico 0:34:39.7
61211Emilio Parra 0:34:48.1
7546Timothy Axall 0:35:17.2
81446Manuel Vidal 0:35:44.7
9575Chase Beninga 0:36:05.3
103445Josh Muxen 0:36:20.3
Category: 40-44 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
151Mari Holden 0:38:53.2
2527Tracey Angelopoulos 0:41:28.9
3915Deb Hoffman 0:42:07.9
4999Laura Knight 0:43:00.1
547Polly Crawford 0:44:05.4
61403Krista Timberlake 0:45:27.7
7991Jiea Kim 0:45:30.5
8698Mischala Crist 0:46:00.5
91312Jennifer Schmidt 0:47:55.5
101120Amber Mellano 0:50:58.9
Category: 40-44 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
13451Hal Helbock 0:30:52.3
21415Gunnar Trommer 0:33:13.5
3715Andrew Danly 0:33:43.2
41082Abdul Malikyar 0:35:09.7
5871Claus Hakenesch 0:35:23.6
61028Richard Laureano 0:35:33.3
71420William Turek 0:36:51.4
8856Steve Gordon 0:37:13.1
93473Todd James 0:37:21.4
103430Keith Davids 0:37:28.2
Category: 45-49 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
145Terry Martin Durel 0:38:18.0
23469Diana Rose Greenwood 0:41:02.7
3889Jodi Hays 0:41:34.0
41294Audrey Ruland 0:42:42.2
51170Andi Neugarten 0:43:59.5
61036Denise Lee 0:44:20.9
71040Laura Lendin 0:45:31.9
83448Alyssia Freus 0:48:13.7
9676Kimberly Coats 0:48:19.9
101381Susan Summers 0:48:58.9
Category: 45-49 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
1949Todd Jacobs 0:34:19.6
21127Ryan Ung 0:34:31.2
33437Jeff Healy 0:35:07.6
43461Alex Begg 0:35:11.6
53476Paul Tharp 0:35:25.8
61240Stan Potter 0:35:43.2
710James Ballantine 0:37:05.4
8890Mike Hebebrand 0:37:13.0
9752Doug Dunn 0:37:19.8
10713Richard Danesi 0:37:28.5
Category: 50-54 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11016Liz Kurtz 0:40:59.0
2634Tracey Byrom 0:41:21.7
3583Beth Bernucci 0:42:29.3
41433Rose Vanduzer 0:43:52.7
51481Lauren White 0:44:27.3
6862Christine Gregory 0:46:21.2
71480Kelly White 0:47:42.4
8896Tammy Hermes 0:48:10.4
91264Pat Real 0:48:31.4
10996Ellen Kirk 0:52:53.7
Category: 50-54 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11109Mark Mclaughlin 0:33:51.6
285Ruhoyal Verney 0:34:57.0
33478Andrew Coetzee 0:35:30.9
41416Michael G. Trone 0:36:17.1
53436Edward Reed 0:36:27.9
662Douglas Thurston 0:36:55.1
7837Jeffrey Gibson 0:37:03.4
8904Tom Hill 0:37:03.9
9587Gary Bezer 0:37:04.5
101419Brian Tuite 0:37:12.4
Category: 55-59 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11238Candace Porter 0:42:42.8
21038Susan Lee 0:51:05.3
3835Lorraine Gersitz 0:51:55.1
41705Leslie Wynne 0:53:24.7
51455Kathleen Voltin 0:56:13.1
6885Ingrid Hartley 0:58:57.3
Category: 55-59 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11413Steve Treinen 0:31:28.2
21176Thomas Nieman 0:35:21.2
33432Mark Alvarez 0:35:50.3
43429James Churchill 0:37:29.4
5528Donald Ankeny 0:37:31.7
61051Wes Little 0:38:09.8
71414Jon Trimble 0:38:11.5
81137Igor Molchanov 0:38:14.2
9572Luis Benavides 0:38:37.6
101234Ubaldo Ponce 0:39:44.9
Category: 60-64 Women
PlaceRace no.NameTime
1755Ootsen Eastburn 1:07:15.9
Category: 60-64 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
1112John Howard 0:33:58.6
266G Richards 0:37:57.1
33450Keith Burns 0:39:15.5
41009Christopher Kralick 0:41:30.3
51368Roger Steuble 0:41:46.0
637Howard Reitles 0:41:46.8
7831Woody Garvin 0:43:06.5
81011Darrel Kruger 0:45:33.7
9709Gino D'agostini 0:46:50.8
101245Robert Prinz 0:47:20.8
Category: 65-69 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11160Larry Murphy 0:42:20.6
2868Ken Gunkel 0:42:59.6
31363Lauren Stearley 0:43:11.1
41266Tom Reddy 0:43:39.2
5782Aubrey Eyer 0:44:28.1
61041Glenn Lenox 0:45:51.5
71341Scott Slatkovski 0:46:40.3
8789Jim Faulkner 0:47:01.2
91110Joseph Mcmackin 0:47:43.6
10972Denny Jurman 0:51:55.1
Category: 70-74 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11237Eugene Pori 0:46:19.4
Category: Tandem Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
13466George Allen 0:54:13.5
Category: Under 20 Men
PlaceRace no.NameTime
11001Jeff Kocina 0:38:13.6
2759Alejandro Elias 0:44:41.2
3761Ruy Elias 0:44:41.4
43417Grailen Dorrance 1:38:10.9

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