Hamilton positive...and negative!

According to the UCI, Tyler Hamilton is guilty of using blood transfusions, but the IOC disagrees. O

According to the UCI, Tyler Hamilton is guilty of using blood transfusions, but the IOC disagrees. O
The Phonak team on Thursday afternoon released a statement in which it revealed that one of the blood samples at the centre of the Tyler Hamilton drug controversy had returned a negative B-test. The press communiqu suggests that Hamilton's B-test from the Vuelta a Espana indeed showed evidence of blood doping, but that the counter-analysis of the rider's sample from the Olympic games did not. On Tuesday Phonak had confirmed that the A-samples from both tests had shown traces of blood injected by homologous transfusion. Phonak's response to today's contradictory results clearly betrays doubts about the newly-introduced method of detecting transfusions. The Swiss team announced in the statement that it will set up an independent scientific committee to investigate both the discrepancy between Hamilton's two Olympic samples, and the positive Vuelta tests. Hamilton remains suspended by Phonak, but has not been sacked. We publish the communiqu in full below . "With regard to the Tyler Hamilton blood testing case the Phonak Cycling Team takes the liberty to announce that the blood samples examined in the B-Test under the UCI procedure are positive. The B-Test blood samples taken under IOC however will turn out negative. Since the new method is an effort based on probability and interpretation measurements uncertainties will remain in this examination and procedure in any case. Because neither UCI nor IOC have so far disclosed data and because legal procedures may last for a long time without a clear outcome, the team management has decided to establish a scientific board in order to achieve clarity as to the medical method and reliability of these new blood testing tools. This scientific board will consist of various scientists with outstanding reputation in this field. Those scientists will be teamed up from different sources and will look into the entire method and data and report as to whether the analysis conducted at the lab in Lausanne in connection with the B-testing is reliable. In order that the scientific board can commence its work the entire files have to be released from UCI and/or IOC. This is so far not the case although requested by Tyler Hamilton. Once the data is available the scientific board will come up with its results as soon as possible. For the time being the names of the scientists involved will not be disclosed in order to avoid that they are disturbed in their work or influenced in any way. Once the results are available the press will be informed. The team's goal is, and this is in the exact interest of Tyler Hamilton, that we have clarity in the end. Moreover, if there is a way to improve the new method in order to avoid future uncertainties this will also be a part of the mandate to the scientific board. With the foregoing the team management believes that it can form part of the campaign against blood doping and bring this matter up to a world-wide acceptable level. Up to that point, i.e. the results which derive from said scientific board, communication as to the merits and procedure of the UCI and IOC cases will be reduced to a minimum. It is our all interest to contribute to reliable testing methods and not only to win the case because of legal deficiencies, if any, at the end of UCI and IOC. During this phase Tyler Hamilton is suspended from racing but stays with the team."
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