Highclere Sportive full results

How did you do?

Over 700 riders finished this year's Highclere Castle Victor Ludorum Challenge on Sunday, with an impressive 90 riders achieving the Gold standard in their age groups for the tough 200km option.

The fastest times for the 200km were recorded by Richard Todd and Charles Richards who were just a second apart at the end after almost 6 hours and 21 minutes in the saddle.

Sportives aren't races of course, but there's still kudos in being quick and the fastest woman over the 200km was Natasha Buckley, almost half an hour under the gold standard at 7:03:21.

Speedy riders aside, for many just finishing a 200km ride is a terrific achievement so a special mention to last rider home Jonathan Bigg who slogged it out to finish in 10:13:55.

Results by rider number

200km ride

Race NoNameCatTimeAward
9Guy Anderson M18-29 6:58:38Gold
18Dominic Baker M50-59 7:01:59Gold
21Martin Banfield M40-49 6:56:32Gold
23Gregory Banks M30-39 6:57:32Gold
31Rob Benington M40-49 6:49:43Gold
41Charlotte Blackman F18-39 7:48:19Gold
43Brooke Bone M30-39 6:49:55Gold
51Hal Bransby M30-39 6:44:04Gold
59Jerry Bromyard M50-59 6:49:56Gold
64Marcus Brueton M30-39 6:44:38Gold
65Michelle Brun F40+ 7:38:56Gold
68Natasha Buckley F18-39 7:03:21Gold
69Richard Burch M40-49 7:06:38Gold
73Robin Burrow M18-29 6:52:46Gold
74Glyn Burton M40-49 6:48:20Gold
75Paul Cackett M50-59 6:52:15Gold
77Steve Calland M30-39 6:44:38Gold
82Amanda Cayford F40+ 7:54:52Gold
83Karl Chandler M30-39 7:03:53Gold
92Phill Cloke M40-49 7:04:12Gold
98Richard Collin M40-49 7:23:10Gold
112Tony Craddock M40-49 7:11:32Gold
122Steve Davidson M30-39 6:52:31Gold
124Paul Davies M30-39 6:51:50Gold
151Anthony Dyment M40-49 6:58:00Gold
155Stuart Edwards M40-49 7:15:29Gold
157Paul Elcock M30-39 6:44:28Gold
160Alex Elferink M30-39 6:59:19Gold
164Phil Ember M30-39 6:46:48Gold
166Robert Enslin M30-39 6:44:38Gold
168Jonathan Evans M30-39 7:04:58Gold
171Mike Fenwick M50-59 7:06:33Gold
179Richard Franklin M40-49 7:17:19Gold
181Marc Freullet M40-49 6:42:20Gold
184Malcolm Fryer M50-59 6:42:24Gold
197William Gorton M30-39 6:50:10Gold
198Pete Gowans M40-49 6:42:09Gold
209Frederick Hale M60+ 7:10:05Gold
210Claire Hall F18-39 7:11:53Gold
213John Hampson M40-49 6:54:37Gold
235Neil Higgins M40-49 6:57:08Gold
244Chris Holmes M30-39 6:52:03Gold
248Rod Horler M40-49 7:01:35Gold
258David Hutchins M30-39 7:06:49Gold
260Tim Hyde M30-39 6:50:43Gold
265Alastair Jack M40-49 7:05:59Gold
271James Jones M30-39 6:58:04Gold
280David Kennett M40-49 6:44:37Gold
282Andrew King M50-59 7:36:58Gold
287Dan Knight M30-39 6:56:00Gold
293James Lamb M30-39 7:04:58Gold
300Keith Lea M30-39 6:37:55Gold
303Jonathan Legg M30-39 7:07:21Gold
321Kevin Marshall M30-39 7:06:21Gold
331Matt Melville M18-29 6:44:12Gold
333Nick Metcalfe M50-59 7:24:20Gold
334Phil Miles M40-49 7:17:33Gold
369James Pilgrim-Morris M40-49 6:51:22Gold
371Mark Pittick M40-49 7:21:44Gold
372Andy Plewes M30-39 6:56:27Gold
373Martin Porter M40-49 7:22:38Gold
378David Power M30-39 6:50:20Gold
379David Price M40-49 6:50:01Gold
385Niall Pugin M40-49 6:57:20Gold
395Christopher Reeve M18-29 6:42:04Gold
400Christopher Rhodes M18-29 6:57:44Gold
402Charles Richards M30-39 6:20:54Gold
403Neil Richardson M30-39 6:44:11Gold
409Allan Ridler M30-39 6:35:31Gold
410Alex Robbins M30-39 6:54:04Gold
411Thomas Rodda M18-29 6:48:10Gold
416Colin Roshier M40-49 6:42:12Gold
428Barry Scott M30-39 6:52:38Gold
429Andy Sexton M30-39 7:07:27Gold
430Lucinda Seymour F40+ 7:41:45Gold
437Michael Short M30-39 6:42:12Gold
439Martin Sigrist M40-49 6:48:49Gold
442Shaun Smart M40-49 6:42:07Gold
453Max Stallard M18-29 6:58:38Gold
462Richard Sullam M60+ 7:33:39Gold
914Ricrad Sullam M60+ 7:26:13Gold
476Pete Tillin M40-49 7:03:19Gold
478Richard Todd M18-29 6:20:53Gold
490Dave Walker M18-29 6:35:53Gold
494Richard Ward M40-49 6:59:22Gold
497Dave Warne M50-59 7:39:27Gold
508Justin Wiggins M30-39 6:48:25Gold
516Stuart Wilson M50-59 7:35:27Gold
522Paul Witcombe M50-59 7:07:17Gold
528Simon Wright M30-39 7:03:27Gold
2Richard Addy M40-49 7:26:26Silver
4Coral Allen F40+ 8:50:20Silver
5Stephen Allen M40-49 7:25:39Silver
8Mark Allen M30-39 7:34:30Silver
10Gary Anderson M40-49 7:48:17Silver
15Amber Atkinson F18-39 7:54:19Silver
16Steve Avery M40-49 7:58:15Silver
25Michael Barnard M50-59 8:27:41Silver
27Russell Barton M40-49 7:48:04Silver
45Greg Booyens M30-39 7:53:59Silver
49Stu Bowers M30-39 7:19:51Silver
56Rob Brockwell M40-49 8:17:51Silver
57Iain Brogden M30-39 7:21:12Silver
61Michael Brooke M50-59 8:13:58Silver
66Andrew Bryson M18-29 7:37:05Silver
76Mick Cairns M40-49 7:52:36Silver
87James Chilcott M18-29 7:10:07Silver
89Darren Clarke M30-39 7:43:37Silver
91Tim Clifford M40-49 8:10:00Silver
93Connol Coan M60+ 8:55:36Silver
95Dorchie Cockerell F18-39 8:23:21Silver
96Alex Collier M18-29 7:35:58Silver
100Geoff Collins M40-49 8:17:25Silver
103Christopher Coppellotti M40-49 7:35:09Silver
107Steve Cotton M40-49 7:40:46Silver
113Ian Crawford M30-39 7:53:06Silver
117Michael Cross M40-49 8:11:02Silver
118Tim Crossman M40-49 7:57:53Silver
121Kelly Davey M30-39 7:23:25Silver
125Mike Davies M40-49 7:49:31Silver
128Rory Dawson M40-49 7:44:54Silver
130Stephen Day M40-49 7:52:32Silver
131Mark Deakin M30-39 7:35:43Silver
132Andrew Deaner M40-49 8:06:34Silver
133Andrew Delamain M30-39 7:46:26Silver
135Kevin Dennett M30-39 7:45:15Silver
137Neil Denning M30-39 8:02:34Silver
136Des Denning M30-39 8:02:35Silver
143Colin Dick M40-49 8:02:11Silver
146Nigel Downing M50-59 7:42:40Silver
148Jonathan Duncan M30-39 7:53:59Silver
163Charlie Elsey M40-49 7:48:34Silver
172James Fettiplace M18-29 7:48:46Silver
173Michael Fletcher M60+ 8:21:21Silver
175William Flockton M60+ 8:13:58Silver
182Richard Frost M30-39 7:41:16Silver
183Gordon Fry M40-49 8:15:09Silver
187Bob Garlinge M50-59 7:46:35Silver
196Neil Goodridge M40-49 7:26:05Silver
199Peter Grace M18-29 7:33:49Silver
200Nick Grant M40-49 8:15:01Silver
203Simon Greenland M50-59 7:50:56Silver
904Steven Grimshaw M30-39 7:29:32Silver
207Sara Grosvenor F18-39 8:26:23Silver
211Simon Hall M40-49 8:16:45Silver
212Ian Halliday M40-49 8:14:14Silver
222Simon Harrison M40-49 7:47:12Silver
223Simon Harvey M40-49 8:07:57Silver
225Ian Hastings M40-49 7:37:01Silver
226Mike Hawkins M30-39 7:18:23Silver
230Carolyn Heeps F40+ 8:24:37Silver
917Andy Hibbard M30-39 7:49:59Silver
238Ian Hoad M30-39 7:50:00Silver
241Nicholas Hodgetts M40-49 7:35:44Silver
242Joe Holder M40-49 8:09:35Silver
243Mark Holland M30-39 7:54:54Silver
250Claire Hose F18-39 7:50:55Silver
253Peter Hugh M40-49 8:19:44Silver
256Andrew Hunter M30-39 8:06:36Silver
257Andrew Hutchings M30-39 7:41:29Silver
262Steven Ingle M30-39 8:01:21Silver
912Jonathan Inman M50-59 8:30:36Silver
266Stuart Jackson M40-49 7:46:41Silver
268Daryl Jelinek M40-49 8:01:16Silver
531Chris Jenkins M30-39 7:19:50Silver
272Kelvyn Jones M40-49 7:33:21Silver
279Chris Kelly M40-49 7:50:48Silver
281Sacha Kenny M30-39 7:44:29Silver
294Chris Lambert M40-49 7:43:03Silver
295Tony Lane M30-39 8:03:01Silver
297Adrian Lansley M30-39 7:54:20Silver
298Simon Last M50-59 7:58:57Silver
304Andrew Leigh M40-49 8:12:03Silver
311Ian Lomas M50-59 8:24:02Silver
313Alexandra Lord F18-39 8:27:17Silver
315Charles Lundy M30-39 7:41:24Silver
319Duncan Manuel M40-49 7:34:35Silver
323Malcolm Matcham M50-59 8:39:43Silver
326Robert Mcdonough M18-29 7:22:24Silver
329Liam Mcloughlin M40-49 7:46:43Silver
335Simon Miller M30-39 8:01:24Silver
336Andrew Mills M50-59 8:14:15Silver
337William Milne M30-39 7:43:19Silver
338Chris Minter M18-29 7:21:29Silver
339Paul Morris M40-49 7:33:05Silver
342Alastair Nash M40-49 8:07:07Silver
349Michael Nobrega M30-39 8:04:11Silver
350David Norton M50-59 8:38:23Silver
352Owen O''Hagan M30-39 7:44:18Silver
353Thaddaeus O''Higgins M30-39 7:43:19Silver
356Nick Onslow M30-39 7:26:36Silver
358Ian Palframan M30-39 7:44:21Silver
364George Perris M30-39 7:40:55Silver
367James Piggot M50-59 7:45:54Silver
370David Pinder M30-39 7:22:52Silver
374Alan Porter M50-59 8:20:47Silver
382Robert Price M40-49 7:35:19Silver
381Thomas Price M18-29 7:34:51Silver
384David Pughe M40-49 8:01:17Silver
391Steve Randle M40-49 7:26:08Silver
394Philip Reeks M50-59 8:04:56Silver
397Robert Reid M18-29 7:47:40Silver
417Andy Rubio M40-49 7:35:06Silver
420James Rutherford M50-59 7:41:45Silver
421Christopher Samler M50-59 8:20:34Silver
427William Sawyer M40-49 7:39:42Silver
431Lee Shale M40-49 7:42:26Silver
433Miles Sharpe M18-29 7:25:11Silver
435Jamie Shearer M30-39 7:45:19Silver
444Daniel Smith M40-49 7:45:41Silver
911Gareth Smith M30-39 7:35:35Silver
447Jan Sokolowski M40-49 7:31:14Silver
451Gavin Squires M40-49 8:02:33Silver
454Jonathan Stamper M30-39 8:08:43Silver
455John Stephens M30-39 7:36:13Silver
461Tom Sturgess M18-29 7:10:31Silver
466Rob Symmes M40-49 7:58:57Silver
467Helen Syms M40-49 8:11:02Silver
472Andrew Thomas M30-39 7:14:31Silver
479Dean Tooby M30-39 7:32:24Silver
480Michael Topping M50-59 7:55:24Silver
487Glenn Vinnicombe M40-49 8:04:17Silver
493Andy Ward M30-39 7:14:48Silver
499John Watson M50-59 8:30:26Silver
500William Webb M40-49 7:25:32Silver
503Daniel Webster M30-39 7:18:32Silver
502James Webster M30-39 7:26:05Silver
504John Weller M50-59 7:42:03Silver
505Tim Wellman M30-39 7:41:35Silver
506James Whetman M30-39 7:46:04Silver
507Matthew Whitaker M40-49 7:42:26Silver
514Toby Wilson M30-39 7:43:07Silver
515Ben Wilson M30-39 7:18:24Silver
524Kevin Wolff M40-49 7:38:13Silver
525Matt Woodeson M30-39 7:28:22Silver
529Bug Wrightson M50-59 8:19:56Silver
530Sarah Yates F18-39 8:22:34Silver
7Hugo Allen M40-49 8:50:20Bronze
11John Archer M30-39 9:42:16Bronze
12William Arnold M30-39 9:28:03Bronze
13Howard Ashmore M40-49 9:23:27Bronze
17Malcolm Bainbridge M60+ 9:37:07Bronze
26David Barson M40-49 9:18:24Bronze
29James Beech M30-39 9:42:22Bronze
30Justin Belcher M30-39 8:46:57Bronze
32Giles Bennett M30-39 8:27:00Bronze
34Nick Bernard M18-29 9:00:43Bronze
39Jonathan Bigg M40-49 10:13:55Bronze
42Nicola Blakemore F40+ 9:36:30Bronze
47Simon Bottomley M40-49 9:38:38Bronze
50Alun Boyd M30-39 8:40:02Bronze
52Robert Breach M40-49 9:09:42Bronze
54Gavin Brigstocke M18-29 9:05:44Bronze
55David Bristow M30-39 9:42:23Bronze
72James Burland M50-59 9:14:36Bronze
79Michael Carden M50-59 9:44:52Bronze
80Philip Carline M30-39 9:12:54Bronze
90Paul Clement M30-39 9:30:13Bronze
94Derek Cobb M50-59 9:05:07Bronze
101Mark Compton M40-49 9:14:49Bronze
923Simon Cook M30-39 8:55:55Bronze
102Simon Coppard M40-49 9:25:19Bronze
105Anthony Corke M30-39 9:19:50Bronze
109Peter Cowley M40-49 9:03:00Bronze
110Paul Coyne M40-49 8:33:55Bronze
116Kenneth Crosher M30-39 9:28:44Bronze
119Martin Croxford M40-49 9:04:12Bronze
120Dave Davenport M40-49 8:22:07Bronze
127Mike Davies M30-39 9:28:34Bronze
915Marc Delorie M30-39 8:25:30Bronze
140Ronan Descy M30-39 9:19:52Bronze
147Michael Driscoll M50-59 9:25:00Bronze
150Ian Dunton M30-39 9:10:02Bronze
152Jon Edmonds M30-39 9:12:46Bronze
156George Edwards M18-29 8:05:45Bronze
153Steven Edwards M50-59 9:29:29Bronze
162Richard Elliott M40-49 8:52:27Bronze
165Neil Endicott M30-39 9:30:13Bronze
169Scott Falconer M30-39 8:47:23Bronze
170Edward Falinski M18-29 7:54:35Bronze
176Chris Flood M18-29 7:55:30Bronze
180Neil Fraser M30-39 8:34:03Bronze
191Stuart Gibbons M30-39 8:42:21Bronze
195Keith Gooders M40-49 8:49:19Bronze
201Jonathan Gray M30-39 8:42:27Bronze
206Richard Groome M30-39 8:34:58Bronze
208David Gunn M40-49 8:47:21Bronze
214Dean Hanson M30-39 9:24:45Bronze
217Ian Harding M50-59 9:12:46Bronze
218Alex Hardisty M18-29 9:30:09Bronze
224Nicholas Hasell M40-49 8:56:18Bronze
227Graham Haysom M60+ 9:37:06Bronze
228Steven Hayward M40-49 9:23:19Bronze
234Russell Hicks M50-59 9:37:06Bronze
236Ysarn Higgins M30-39 8:39:44Bronze
237 Hoad M30-39 9:28:01Bronze
240Jonathan Hobby M40-49 8:37:02Bronze
251Tim Howe M30-39 9:24:43Bronze
261Rob Hydon M50-59 9:19:52Bronze
267Ian Jacques M40-49 8:24:37Bronze
269James Johnson M40-49 9:23:59Bronze
274Chris Jones M40-49 8:47:41Bronze
277Stephen Kavanagh M30-39 8:33:58Bronze
286James Knibbs M40-49 8:53:21Bronze
288Andrew Knight M50-59 9:20:18Bronze
289Simon Knowlton M18-29 7:50:22Bronze
296Andy Langdown M30-39 8:51:18Bronze
305Mark Letsome M40-49 10:09:12Bronze
307Adam Lewis M40-49 9:33:57Bronze
308Sarah Lidington F18-39 8:33:50Bronze
324John Mcburney M30-39 9:03:36Bronze
325David Mcclelland M40-49 8:38:40Bronze
328Gary Mckenzie-Smith M30-39 9:24:45Bronze
340Rob Morton M40-49 8:55:55Bronze
357Simon Paget M40-49 8:52:59Bronze
360James Paterson M40-49 8:22:47Bronze
365Chris Phillips M40-49 9:07:01Bronze
375Jan Portmann M30-39 8:40:30Bronze
376Tara Potier F18-39 9:29:32Bronze
383Chris Pugh M30-39 8:30:11Bronze
390Nigel Randall M40-49 9:21:19Bronze
393Geoff Rawlings M40-49 9:21:21Bronze
398Simon Reid M40-49 8:53:10Bronze
405Charles Richardson M40-49 8:52:29Bronze
406Jasper Richmond M40-49 9:25:19Bronze
407James Rico M18-29 8:22:42Bronze
412John Rodway M40-49 9:53:57Bronze
413Phil Rogers M30-39 8:10:28Bronze
418Simon Rushton M30-39 8:10:59Bronze
419Simon Russell M40-49 8:21:19Bronze
913Darren Saunders M30-39 8:24:59Bronze
424Andy Saunders M40-49 9:03:00Bronze
426Richard Sawdon M30-39 8:21:34Bronze
434James Sharratt M50-59 9:30:13Bronze
436Stephen Shippam M30-39 8:25:00Bronze
438Phil Siebert M40-49 9:16:32Bronze
441Jon Skipper M30-39 9:40:35Bronze
446Alan Smith M30-39 9:01:11Bronze
448Liam Southwood M40-49 8:50:47Bronze
457Thomas Steven M30-39 9:40:33Bronze
458Rick Stone M30-39 9:51:13Bronze
459Mike Storey M50-59 9:25:57Bronze
469David Taylor M30-39 8:12:32Bronze
475Lee Thompson M30-39 8:29:23Bronze
473Barry Thompson M40-49 8:34:00Bronze
477Vince Ting M30-39 8:18:20Bronze
481Jeff Triner M30-39 8:42:20Bronze
482Simon Tripp M40-49 8:33:06Bronze
483Peter Trotman M40-49 8:40:26Bronze
491Paddy Walker M40-49 8:42:43Bronze
496Ben Wardle M18-29 8:11:52Bronze
498Kim Washington M50-59 9:38:41Bronze
512Paddy Williams M18-29 7:55:30Bronze
511Thomas Williams M18-29 8:35:07Bronze
513Jamie Williams M18-29 7:55:30Bronze
517Ian Winter M50-59 9:40:43Bronze
519Simon Wise M40-49 8:29:40Bronze
520Brendan Wiseman M40-49 8:46:55Bronze
521Paul Wiseman M40-49 9:25:00Bronze
527Dave Woodgate M30-39 9:30:11Bronze

120km ride

Race NoNameCatTimeAward
550James Bainbridge M30-39 4:07:28Gold
20Julian Banasiewicz M40-49 4:08:13Gold
551James Banks M40-49 4:15:13Gold
35Jonathon Berryman M40-49 4:24:50Gold
908James Birrell M30-39 4:15:10Gold
578Brett Cantello M40-49 4:18:10Gold
582Aaron Carter M30-39 4:17:30Gold
597Jonathon Counsell M40-49 4:09:52Gold
614Louise Eden F18-39 4:20:15Gold
615Tristan Emptage M30-39 4:05:34Gold
625Darren Gardner M40-49 4:13:40Gold
644Carl Harrison M40-49 4:21:41Gold
693Hamish Macdonald M30-39 4:17:16Gold
700Richard Mason M40-49 4:17:30Gold
702John Mccarthy M40-49 4:20:45Gold
727Lee Palmer M30-39 4:11:32Gold
745Roger Pratt M40-49 4:20:27Gold
774Adrian Tayles M40-49 4:13:28Gold
541Tim Anderson M30-39 4:33:45Silver
564Simon Bodmer M40-49 4:45:51Silver
573Gavin Brown M30-39 4:37:30Silver
576Chris Busby M40-49 4:56:19Silver
581Paul Carson M18-29 4:28:11Silver
583Peter Carter M30-39 4:53:12Silver
85Nick Chaplin M30-39 4:32:01Silver
88Giles Clark M40-49 4:48:59Silver
594Jennifer Collier F18-39 4:49:06Silver
920Matt Cooke M30-39 4:26:36Silver
596Simon Cottard M40-49 4:48:28Silver
114Fay Cripps F18-39 4:47:34Silver
115Jon Crompton M30-39 4:19:03Silver
602Chris Currie M30-39 4:21:44Silver
603Jeremy Dahdi M30-39 4:31:00Silver
607Sam Delaney M18-29 4:32:09Silver
608Paul Devenish M30-39 4:26:15Silver
609Emma Dews M30-39 4:35:42Silver
623Jonathon Fry M30-39 4:32:40Silver
193Grant Gillon M30-39 4:28:47Silver
630Richard Golding M30-39 4:38:18Silver
631Mark Graham M30-39 4:39:29Silver
638Michael Hand M30-39 4:53:15Silver
639Ian Harford M30-39 4:50:16Silver
640Peter Harper M40-49 4:33:40Silver
642Peter Harris M60+ 5:01:13Silver
643Ian Harris M40-49 4:38:23Silver
231Thomas Heide M30-39 4:34:09Silver
916Mandy Hibbard F18-39 4:44:33Silver
648Darren Hitchcock M30-39 4:48:46Silver
649Julie Hodgetts F40+ 5:21:05Silver
653Stephen Horne M40-49 4:51:15Silver
654Paul Hudson M30-39 4:53:24Silver
255Andrew Hunstone M40-49 4:53:27Silver
667Richard Jackson M30-39 4:31:44Silver
674Barry Judge M40-49 4:47:44Silver
688Adam Livett M40-49 4:59:25Silver
689Koldo Loidi M30-39 4:31:43Silver
691Jj Lorraine M30-39 4:50:49Silver
703Ken Mccord M40-49 4:41:10Silver
327Stuart Mcintosh M40-49 4:52:49Silver
705Andrew Mclean M40-49 4:29:50Silver
706Robert Metcalfe M40-49 4:57:42Silver
708Robert Mitchell M40-49 4:28:11Silver
711Andrew Morris M30-39 4:45:41Silver
712Paul Morrissey M30-39 4:45:07Silver
721Gerry O''Keefe M60+ 5:11:27Silver
722Richard O'Carroll M30-39 4:36:31Silver
729Debbie Parkinson F40+ 5:13:55Silver
734Frank Pearce M60+ 5:11:00Silver
736Stephen Perkins M18-29 4:12:15Silver
738Lee Piercy M30-39 4:28:12Silver
739Philip Pleass M40-49 4:42:20Silver
743James Powel M30-39 4:47:13Silver
748Alan Reeves M40-49 4:42:08Silver
754Paul Ross M30-39 4:43:30Silver
432Daniel Sharp M40-49 4:28:05Silver
763Nicholas Simpson M30-39 4:24:28Silver
450Jonathan Spruce M40-49 4:42:35Silver
770Peter Sugden M60+ 4:59:07Silver
771Sarah Sugden F18-39 4:59:08Silver
773Nick Syrett M40-49 4:36:39Silver
776Patrick Tetley M40-49 4:57:19Silver
777Gary Treherne M40-49 4:42:57Silver
778Richard Tse M30-39 4:24:51Silver
787Neil Ward M30-39 4:52:03Silver
793Kevin Whelan M40-49 4:37:42Silver
799Chris Williams M30-39 4:39:30Silver
815David Wilson M40-49 4:59:26Silver
809Jonathan Woodier M40-49 4:28:32Silver
813Anthony Yeates M30-39 4:42:38Silver
901Matt Agar M30-39 5:00:24Bronze
536Stephen Alden 50-59 5:50:56Bronze
6Ricky Allen M40-49 5:26:48Bronze
538Marianne Allen F40+ 6:52:04Bronze
539Brian Ambler M60+ 6:59:43Bronze
540Alexander Anderson 50-59 5:48:11Bronze
542Roy Anderton M40-49 5:05:19Bronze
543Philippe Armbruster M30-39 5:32:58Bronze
545Tessa Armstrong F18-39 6:51:26Bronze
544Matthew Armstrong M30-39 6:51:26Bronze
14Andrew Ashurst M18-29 6:10:59Bronze
547Neil Ashwood M40-49 5:29:08Bronze
549Chris Axton 50-59 6:15:02Bronze
552Andrew Barker M40-49 5:51:40Bronze
553Gavin Barnard M18-29 7:59:30Bronze
556Steve Bartholomew 50-59 5:54:25Bronze
557Maurice Bawden 50-59 6:12:42Bronze
558Des Bennett M40-49 6:16:18Bronze
33James Beresford-Lambert M30-39 5:29:38Bronze
903Simon Berry M40-49 5:16:12Bronze
37Ian Beston M30-39 5:09:46Bronze
38Mark Beverstock M40-49 5:50:46Bronze
559Roger Bick M60+ 6:52:32Bronze
560Michael Birrell M30-39 6:04:13Bronze
561Mike Biss 50-59 5:11:12Bronze
562Tim Blackmore M30-39 4:54:35Bronze
563Simon Boddy M40-49 5:22:36Bronze
567Nick Boothroyd M40-49 5:52:03Bronze
568Matthew Bould M30-39 5:15:22Bronze
570Paul Bramford 50-59 5:06:27Bronze
571Pete Briggs 50-59 6:48:52Bronze
572Ian Britten M30-39 5:47:07Bronze
574Peter Bryant M40-49 5:52:03Bronze
575Bill Budd 50-59 5:03:03Bronze
71Jacob Burke M18-29 6:37:56Bronze
577Michael Cairns M60+ 6:59:45Bronze
579Mark Capon 50-59 6:52:42Bronze
580Patricia Carden F40+ 6:00:15Bronze
585Ali Chambers M40-49 5:09:14Bronze
586David Chandler M40-49 6:15:01Bronze
587Jeremy Chandler-Smith M40-49 5:29:42Bronze
588Colin Chapman 50-59 5:03:00Bronze
86Christopher Chester M40-49 5:01:41Bronze
589Ian Chitty M40-49 5:48:12Bronze
590Mike Clark M30-39 6:25:24Bronze
591Greg Clifford M30-39 5:03:52Bronze
595Danny Collins M30-39 5:35:50Bronze
599Andrew Crawshaw M30-39 5:33:14Bronze
600John Crouchley M40-49 5:09:57Bronze
604Ian Dalton M40-49 5:51:54Bronze
606Alan Dean M40-49 7:22:15Bronze
134Len Delicaet M30-39 6:10:37Bronze
141Peter Devery M30-39 6:19:54Bronze
610Rob Dickson M40-49 5:00:30Bronze
611Mark Dinwiddy M40-49 5:01:16Bronze
612Richard Dolphin M40-49 5:35:08Bronze
613Ian Duffey M30-39 8:40:41Bronze
616Peter Evans M40-49 5:11:57Bronze
619Frank Fallon M40-49 5:36:32Bronze
620Tony Fernandez M30-39 5:55:24Bronze
621Glen Finch M30-39 5:02:04Bronze
186Mike Furness M40-49 6:30:10Bronze
624Carol Furness F40+ 6:30:07Bronze
626Russell Garner M40-49 5:40:06Bronze
190Mark Gibbon M30-39 5:33:37Bronze
628Dominic Gibson M18-29 4:55:42Bronze
192Michael Giddings M18-29 5:04:46Bronze
629Ralph Gilbert M30-39 5:20:38Bronze
632Lisa Greaney F18-39 7:35:06Bronze
633Martin Green M40-49 5:15:56Bronze
635Mike Greiner 50-59 4:38:38Bronze
636Carl Grundy M30-39 6:34:48Bronze
637Stuart Hale M30-39 5:22:59Bronze
219Neil Harris M40-49 6:48:37Bronze
646Ian Hegerty M30-39 6:25:18Bronze
233Jim Herbert M40-49 5:03:41Bronze
647Melanie Hills F18-39 6:46:34Bronze
650John Holmes M60+ 5:30:52Bronze
246Nicholas Holmes 50-59 4:38:33Bronze
652Lee Hookem M30-39 5:18:17Bronze
249Mark Hose M40-49 6:07:39Bronze
655Kas Hulme F40+ 5:31:40Bronze
657Debbie Hunstone F40+ 7:05:28Bronze
658Ian Hunt M40-49 5:48:26Bronze
660Chris Hutley M30-39 4:56:23Bronze
664Warren Hyer M40-49 8:43:38Bronze
668Stephen Jarman M40-49 6:42:20Bronze
670Glyn Jenkins 50-59 4:35:03Bronze
669Callum Jenkins 50-59 9:50:28Bronze
672Julian Jones M40-49 5:20:45Bronze
671Harvey Jones M40-49 5:03:52Bronze
673Mike Jubb 50-59 4:42:29Bronze
276Peter Jupp M40-49 6:01:17Bronze
675Rob Kennedy 50-59 5:35:01Bronze
677Graham Kew M30-39 5:13:16Bronze
283Julian King M30-39 5:21:43Bronze
284Mike Kinsey 50-59 5:21:25Bronze
291Penny Ladkin M30-39 5:38:23Bronze
678Jonathan Lagan M30-39 5:36:51Bronze
679Jackson Lam M30-39 5:37:26Bronze
680Wiliam Lane M30-39 5:10:52Bronze
907George Langley M30-39 6:27:59Bronze
682Joanne Lee F40+ 6:30:05Bronze
683Perry Lee M40-49 5:13:16Bronze
684Adrian Lees M18-29 4:51:47Bronze
686Alan Lester M40-49 5:48:13Bronze
687Helen Liddle F40+ 7:24:57Bronze
309Thomas Light M18-29 4:49:54Bronze
310Stuart Little M30-39 5:31:19Bronze
690Sebastian Lomas M18-29 5:09:01Bronze
692Douglas Macdonald 50-59 5:20:14Bronze
694Gafyn Macmillan M30-39 5:00:48Bronze
695Jonathan Maple M40-49 5:20:25Bronze
320Paul Marles M40-49 5:26:43Bronze
696Tom Marriage M30-39 5:15:50Bronze
697Ollie Marriage M30-39 5:15:53Bronze
918Stephen Marriott M30-39 6:59:37Bronze
699Jason Marshall M30-39 6:42:18Bronze
698Paul Marshall 50-59 4:58:40Bronze
701Tom Matthews M30-39 5:31:46Bronze
707Darren Mills M30-39 5:45:00Bronze
710Chris Morley M30-39 5:01:22Bronze
713Paul Mortimer M30-39 5:09:57Bronze
716Steve Murphy M40-49 5:47:10Bronze
345Tom Nelson M40-49 5:17:26Bronze
718Claire Newland F40+ 5:29:41Bronze
347Kenneth Newton 50-59 4:53:26Bronze
719David Niven 50-59 4:22:35Bronze
723Thomas O'Donoghue M40-49 7:35:02Bronze
724Tom Olley M18-29 4:56:52Bronze
725Mark Packman M40-49 7:40:54Bronze
728Nigel Parker M40-49 5:15:06Bronze
730Neil Pasmore M40-49 5:08:25Bronze
731Ian Paterson M60+ 5:27:16Bronze
732Robert Paulding M40-49 5:52:03Bronze
532Donald Pearce 50-59 7:09:29Bronze
735Graham Pecket 50-59 5:18:45Bronze
740Nicola Plewes F18-39 6:06:48Bronze
741Andrew Pond M30-39 5:04:39Bronze
742Dave Portwood M40-49 5:23:05Bronze
744Fiona Powley F18-39 6:52:04Bronze
746Jillian Prebble F40+ 6:52:05Bronze
919Gary Pritchard M40-49 5:06:22Bronze
747Denise Quinlan F40+ 8:23:21Bronze
392David Ravenhill M30-39 5:29:46Bronze
399Mariana Reynolds F40+ 6:15:04Bronze
749Kevin Richardson M30-39 6:06:18Bronze
751Graeme Roberts M40-49 6:20:50Bronze
752Luke Robinson M30-39 5:19:51Bronze
753Malcolm Rogers M40-49 5:51:39Bronze
414Peter Rose M40-49 5:43:41Bronze
756John Rowlands 50-59 5:36:00Bronze
757Hoj Saidi M40-49 5:24:35Bronze
758David Samuels 50-59 5:33:14Bronze
760Margaret Schofield F40+ 6:52:05Bronze
761Hugh Scott M40-49 5:48:48Bronze
762Colin Sewell 50-59 4:35:53Bronze
764Graham Simpson 50-59 5:15:06Bronze
909Steve Smith 50-59 6:52:43Bronze
765Neil Smith 50-59 5:11:17Bronze
768Jo Spragg F18-39 6:59:43Bronze
769Matt Steele M30-39 6:49:38Bronze
772Anthony Swain M40-49 5:18:30Bronze
470Vincent Taylor M40-49 7:16:52Bronze
775Robert Taylor M40-49 5:42:09Bronze
534Steve Thomas 50-59 5:32:41Bronze
779Jason Tunnicliffe M40-49 5:48:12Bronze
780Stu Turner M30-39 5:19:42Bronze
781Mike Vybiral M60+ 5:50:56Bronze
782Graham Wade 50-59 5:03:14Bronze
783Nigel Wade M40-49 5:48:30Bronze
785Maggie Waller F40+ 6:16:25Bronze
784Bob Waller 50-59 6:14:23Bronze
786Gary Walter M30-39 5:48:41Bronze
789Joseph Warren M30-39 6:05:49Bronze
501Lukas Webb M40-49 5:25:12Bronze
791Lisa West M30-39 6:14:43Bronze
792David Wheeler M40-49 6:46:36Bronze
795Dan White M30-39 5:08:21Bronze
798Tony Williams M40-49 5:09:17Bronze
796John Williams M18-29 5:39:29Bronze
797Leah Williams F18-39 5:12:13Bronze
800David Wilson M40-49 6:00:14Bronze
803Paul Wolstencroft M40-49 5:46:49Bronze
804Michael Wong M40-49 5:13:13Bronze
805Leon Wong M30-39 4:55:21Bronze
807Andrew Wood M40-49 5:42:09Bronze
808Stephen Wood 50-59 4:36:29Bronze
526Gregory Woodford M40-49 7:06:25Bronze
810Mick Wye M40-49 5:01:44Bronze
811Jamie Xavier M30-39 5:40:44Bronze
812Graham Yare M30-39 5:07:11Bronze

70km ride

Race NoNameCatTimeAward
819Jim Bainbridge M60+ 2:57:22Gold
832Jeff Cushing M60+ 2:42:31Gold
860Sue Murray F18-39 2:53:19Gold
921Justin Saunders M30-39 2:36:43Gold
816Mark Atkins M40-49 2:56:42Silver
822Emily Bom F18-39 3:17:52Silver
44Kevin Booth M40-49 2:46:50Silver
569Lysandra Bradshaw F18-39 3:01:08Silver
825Stephen Chapman M40-49 2:28:16Silver
123Simon Davies M40-49 2:51:39Silver
605Jason Davis M40-49 2:59:19Silver
835Matthew Dunlop M40-49 2:53:17Silver
840Mark Griffin M30-39 2:55:18Silver
843Claire Hamer F18-39 2:59:21Silver
847James Hawes M60+ 3:15:23Silver
849Claire Hine F40+ 3:15:06Silver
316David Macintosh M40-49 2:58:26Silver
853Ian Manchester M30-39 2:57:00Silver
855Alex Marzec F40+ 3:01:45Silver
856Simon Mcadam M40-49 2:49:10Silver
859Paul Mountifield M40-49 2:53:17Silver
862Dan Ornadel M40-49 2:48:48Silver
864Stephen Parfitt M40-49 2:54:00Silver
866Peter Polson M40-49 2:53:18Silver
868Jacqueline Sanders F40+ 3:19:45Silver
872Jack Thiel M40-49 3:03:40Silver
817Ema Augustyniak F18-39 3:36:56Bronze
818Alice Bailey F18-39 3:21:22Bronze
820Peter Ball M50-59 4:14:06Bronze
821Chris Ballantyne M18-29 2:55:42Bronze
555Bill Barrie M60+ 3:51:31Bronze
924Dennis Betts M30-39 5:02:10Bronze
823Michiel Bom M30-39 3:16:50Bronze
826Tom Churchill M30-39 3:00:30Bronze
592Mick Clifford M40-49 3:28:49Bronze
827David Coarsey M30-39 4:56:35Bronze
833Neal Denton M40-49 3:17:06Bronze
834Sandra Domizio F40+ 3:48:17Bronze
618David Fairey M50-59 3:28:49Bronze
837David Frew M40-49 3:32:25Bronze
838Justine Fry F40+ 4:17:03Bronze
627Nick Gendler M40-49 3:33:36Bronze
839David Gregory M40-49 3:12:00Bronze
841Paul Groundwell M40-49 3:48:07Bronze
845Simon Harper M40-49 3:42:29Bronze
846Neil Harrison M50-59 4:17:49Bronze
922John Harrison M30-39 4:17:49Bronze
848Martin Heath M50-59 4:17:16Bronze
906Sian Hughes F18-39 5:54:44Bronze
263Kristy Ingle F18-39 4:38:14Bronze
278Andrew Kelly M40-49 5:01:26Bronze
850Corinne Knoesen F40+ 4:16:57Bronze
685Nigel Leggatt M40-49 3:25:03Bronze
851Katherine Leigh F40+ 5:23:52Bronze
854Timothy Martin M30-39 3:01:54Bronze
857Anthony Mcgee M40-49 3:30:50Bronze
861John O''Connell M40-49 3:58:59Bronze
726Ian Page M40-49 3:51:30Bronze
863Angela Page F40+ 3:51:28Bronze
865Adam Parker M30-39 4:17:09Bronze
867Ken Robson M50-59 3:20:50Bronze
869Sheelagh Shaen-Carter F18-39 3:51:29Bronze
871Simon Smith M18-29 3:04:28Bronze
870Brian Smith M30-39 3:31:48Bronze
873Terry Trudgian M50-59 3:29:31Bronze
874Linda Yarnold F40+ 3:51:28Bronze

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