HOLUX GPSport 260 GPS units - First look

Lightweight bike computers from Taiwan

Established in 1994, Holux specialise in satellite navigation equipment for motorists and outdoor sport enthusiasts. We haven't seen their bike-mountable GPS units before, but a pair have just arrived in the office for testing and they look promising.

The green GPSport 260 and its ANT+ 2.4G compatible bigger brother, the yellow GPSport 260 PRO, are aimed at the same market as the highly successful Garmin Edge 500, with all the features you'd expect of a top-end GPS-enabled cycle computer, but no mapping. They come in substantially cheaper, though, at £86.51 and £101.38, respectively – half the price of the Garmin.

Weighing 84g, the HOLUX unit measures 85.3 x 50.5 x 21.2mm and has a 128x128 pixel monochrome screen. It's controlled using two buttons and a central joystick. The display shows speed, time, altitude, distance, calorie consumption and direction. 260 PRO users can expand its capabilities with cadence (£21.62) and heart rate sensor (£33.80) add-ons.

The 260's MTK chipset is said to provide a GPS fix in under 36 seconds, even in built-up areas. It has 4GB of internal memory, so you can save ride data and route points. Claimed life of the 1050mAh lithium-ion battery is 20 hours, with a full charge taking five hours.

Rather than being cycling-specific, the device is designed for a variety of outdoor activities such as walking and fell running, and has separate modes according to what you’re doing. It does comes with a handlebar mount though, which is attached via zip-ties. Also included in the box is a storage pouch, USB and mains chargers, and ezTour route planning software.

Cycling Plus magazine will be putting the HOLUX GPSport 260 to the test over the next few weeks – look out for a review in the mag soon. For more information about the device, visit the website of UK distributors Selwyn Sport.

The full holux gpsport260 kit: the full holux gpsport260 kit
The full holux gpsport260 kit: the full holux gpsport260 kit

The standard HOLUX GPSport260 kit; cadence and heart rate add-ons are available for the PRO version

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