How pro-cycling are London's mayoral candidates?

London Cycling Campaign says Ken more pro-bike than Boris.

With days to go until the London mayoral elections pro-bike campaigners are reminding voters just who's on the side of cyclists.

The London Cycling Campaign has been lobbying Mayoral and Assembly candidates to make strong commitments to cycling in London. 

It says there are key differences of vision between them on issues of cycling, transport and making London a more liveable city.

And it's backing Green candidate Sian Berry and non-cyclist Ken Livingstone over high profile two-wheeler Boris Johnson.

Koy Thomson, LCC’s chief executive, said: "LCC has worked hard to secure cycling commitments from mayoral candidates but pro-cycling voters need to ask whether candidates are being consistent and are also promoting policies to persuade us out of cars. A vote for cycling is a vote for a healthier, greener and people-friendly London."

LCC’s analysis of the most cycle friendly candidates is based on their responses to LCC’s cycling manifesto, the candidates’ transport policies and a series follow-up e-mails, calls and meetings.

Sian Berry (Green) and Ken Livingstone (Labour) support removal of the huge gyratory systems which are the biggest barriers to cycling and walking; both also back 20mph as the standard speed limit in London boroughs.

Boris Johnson (Conservative) wants London to be the world’s greenest city and like Livingstone wants a ‘modal shift’ to sustainable transport but only backs 20mph zones ‘where appropriate'.

Brian Paddick (Lib Dem) agrees on 20mph limits on residential and most shopping streets.

Berry and Livingstone will not allow motorbikes in bus lanes because of the potential danger to pedestrians and cyclists. Paddick and Johnson will open up all bus lanes to motorbikes which the LCC says will increase danger for walkers and cyclists and boost the number of motorbikes on streets. 

On funding Livingstone has promised £500 million for cycling over ten years, Berry says she’ll spend more (£150million a year  by 2012) and Paddick says he’ll match the £500million. Johnson says he’ll spend £2 million on cycle parking and that his budget will exceed the Transport for London budget.

The measures that all candidates support include a mass bike hire scheme; better cycle parking; Ttugher action to stop bike theft; reduction of road traffic crime; cycle training for kids; completion of the London Cycle Network Plus; active travel to public events; and a Tube style bike map of key bike routes. Ken Livingstone has additionally proposed ‘cycling corridors’ into central and inner London, as well as ‘Bike Zones’ around local town centres. Sian Berry and Brian Paddick both support these measures. Johnson backs the corridors but not the zones.

You can read the full responses to LCC's cycling manifesto from the four main candidates. Other mayoral candidates’ responses, including the Left List and the Christian Alliance Party, can be seen at the LCC's website.

You can see the full candidate comparison chart here

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