Inaugural SuperCorsas fail to take flight in USA

SuperCorsa Boulder still a go

The Colorado-based SuperFondo USA’s inaugural SuperCorsa three-round race series has cancelled two of its events in Steamboat scheduled for August 15 and Vail on June 19. SuperFondo USA’s third SuperCorsa in Boulder is still scheduled to take place on October 3.

SuperFondo USA was previously run under the brand Ciclosportivo N.A. Last December it announced the introduction of three Colorado-based SuperFondo group rides to coincide with its trademark SuperCorsa races in Boulder, Vail and Steamboat.

“There was confusion in the market so we wanted to take the initiative to rebrand,” said a SuperFondo USA representative. “Our SuperFondo brand enables us to call our GranFondo 'SuperFondo' in the future.”

As of this week, the organisation will continue organising its SuperFondo events in Vail on June 20 and in Boulder on October 3. The SuperFondo ride in Boulder will coincide with the only remaining SuperCorsa race.

“Only one SuperCorsa is tentaively planned at this time, SuperCorsa Boulder. We had a vision for SuperCorsa which included a combined field of PRO-Citizen, but we now realize that SuperCorsa is for the elite climbers and professionals.”

SuperFondo USA offered its SuperFondo mass-start recreational rides alongside its trademarked SuperCorsa competitions for USA Cycling licensed professionals and category 1-4 cyclists, all fields combined. In keeping with Italian-style Gran Fondo tradition, its events cover between 100 and 200 kilometres of challenging terrain.

"We now realize that the market for our SuperCorsa is narrow ... so we will try again next year pursuing namely ProTour riders and Professional Continental teams," SuperFondo USA spokeswoman D'Abria Versace said in a press release.

SuperFondo USA’s goal is to have at least one GranFondo under the belt this year. Next year it will look to add a SuperCorsa and Mini Classic to our GranFondo. “We consider Vail our flagship. If we can add another GranFondo in or outside of Colorado, we are happy to do so.”

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