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CSC announce their roster of 25 for next season and with it a big surprise as J”rg Jaksche and Chris

CSC announce their roster of 25 for next season and with it a big surprise as J”rg Jaksche and Chris
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE The Danish CSC team have confirmed their line-up for next season, which comprises 19 of the riders who have been with them this year and six new additions. Team leader Ivan Basso's recent affirmations that he is staying with Bjarne Riis at CSC are confirmed once again, but there is a major surprise with the departure of Jrg Jaksche to Liberty Seguros, with former Postie Christian Vande Velde travelling in the opposite direction. Paris-Nice winner Jaksche was one of CSC's big successes of 2004, despite suffering a run of bad luck with injuries before some of his main objectives of the year. Signed from ONCE at the end of 2003, Jaksche told procycling after the Tour that he was glad to have moved on from Manolo Saiz's strong control over his riders at ONCE. But now he is heading back to rejoin Saiz at Liberty, and in the process doing CSC a favour. "In order to gain some space in our budget we have chosen to let Jrg sign for Liberty Seguros," explained Riis. "He has had a super season with us, and that has made him attractive to a lot of other teams. It was a necessary decision, which I have been able to discuss openly and constructively with Jrg. He is a rider with whom I have become very close, and it has been a pleasure working with him. I hope to be given the opportunity to do so again. "Last year Liberty Seguros' sports director Manolo Saiz was in the same situation as we are now. He was also waiting to be able to expand his budget and had to let Jrg go. At the time we took Jrg in, and now we are letting him go for the same reasons. I am happy that Saiz has been able to help us in this situation. I am also proud that Jrg has had his big breakthrough with us, and the team has contributed to this in a big way." Jaksche, it seems, was keen to stay where he was but saw the benefits to all sides of leaving. "I would've preferred to stay on with Team CSC, but the opportunity presented itself to help the team in this way, and I suggested it to Bjarne myself," he said. "The team has helped me enormously, and Bjarne has meant a lot to me both on a personal and professional level. I'm very grateful for this, and I'm leaving the team after a very satisfying year." The CSC roster for 2005 now comprises: Ivan Basso, Carlos Sastre, Jens Voigt, Bobby Julich, Michele Bartoli, Jakob Piil, Kurt-Asle Arvesen, Frank Schleck, Andrea Peron, Fabrizio Guidi, Nicki Sorensen, Lars Michaelsen, Tristan Hoffman, Peter Luttenberger, Michael Blaudzun, Manuel Calvente, Thomas Bruun Eriksen, Vladimir Goussev and Brian Vandborg, plus new arrivals Christian Vande Velde, David Zabriskie, Lars Bak, Giovanni Lombardi, Matti Breschel and Andy Schleck. Although Riis has been able to confirm his roster, the former Tour winner is still looking to add another backer to his list of sponsors. "We are still working on closing a deal with a co-sponsor, and if we succeed we will improve the team even further on different levels and at the same time give some of the riders a larger salary," he said. "We have made all of our choices based on what we think is best from a sports perspective, and obviously our ambitions are limited by our budget, but that doesn't mean we are not thinking big. If we get the possibility to expand our budget, it will make a difference on all levels."
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