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Christmas is nearly upon us and no doubt you are all running round frantically compiling present lis

Buy one, raise money for Air Ambulance
Christmas is nearly upon us and no doubt you are all running round frantically compiling present lists and fending off mad Aunties asking you whether you would like a jumper or woolly hat knitted this year.

It's time to act fast in order to prevent the mass of wool masquerading as a jumper turning up under your Christmas tree, and the RUSS Appeal have the perfect alibi: Why not get Auntie to order you a brand new, custom printed, one-off Jo Burt T-shirt? They still have a few left to sell and they will make the perfect Christmas present for you, your significant other, your biking mates or evening mad Auntie Ethel herself.

Each shirt is printed front and rear with a full colour design created by Jo Burt exclusively for the RUSS Appeal. We had 250 printed and WILL NOT print any more so this really is a limited edition T-shirt.

It gets better. They've had ten of these T-shirts signed by Jo himself , They are going to cost a little more and will be available on a first come first serve basis.

100% of all monies received for T-shirts goes to the Air Ambulance, which means that as you hit the slippery winter trails they'll still be someone there to rush you to hospital should it all go wrong. We hope you never need the Air Ambulance, but please remember they are entirely funded by charity.

Shirts are available in medium, large and extra-large sizes and can be ordered online at here or by calling the lovely Carol on 01296 747080. Every shirt ordered before the 19th of December should reach you in time for Christmas.

Standard shirts are priced at £27.50 and signed shirts minimum £50 each. So, get on the phone/interweb now and order one now. Bring some Christmas cheer and put a little bit back at the same time.

Finally, when you've opened your Christmas stocking and found a nice 2004 diary inside why not turn to August and pencil in the weekend of the 7/8th August for the Ride for a Flight 2004. Phil Harrison is planning all sorts of additions to next year's fundraiser, including something for all of you freeridy/downhilly types ! Further details will be released in due course.
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