Just in: Exelite LumiPAC rucksack cover

Self-illuminating cover with three light modes

The postman’s just been and dropped off something we’re hoping will make the evening commute a little safer – the Exelite LumiPAC rucksack cover.

The LumiPAC clips onto your pack using the included straps, and light is provided through flexible green electro-luminescent lamps powered by four rechargeable AAA batteries.

There are three modes – constant, slow blink and fast blink – and it has integrated high-viz strips for added visibility.

It can also be worn on its own, without a rucksack, if necessary.

We’re going to be donning this on our daily commute on inner-city roads and pitch black country lanes. Exelite claim the LumiPAC is visible from up to 800 metres, so we’ll be putting this to the test too.

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