Kask update Vertigo helmet - Eurobike 2012

Closed vent tech lifted from Team Sky's Mojito lid

Kask have updated their Vertigo helmet for 2013, closing the vents in the style of the Mojito lid as used by Team Sky.

While the closed-vented version of the Mojito isn’t available to the public, Kask have transferred the technology over into the heavier (270g/M) lid, called the Tri Vertigo. While the standard Vertigo comes in a huge array of colour options, this helmet only comes in black or white.

Six vents remain on the back, but otherwise it’s totally closed up, with minimal weight penalties and huge claimed power savings. UK/US pricing wasn’t available but will retail for €240 in Europe.

As we’ve said, the Team Sky Mojito helmet isn’t yet available to the public, as much as the well-worn yellow version from this year’s Tour de France may appeal.


These city helmets produced in collaboration with Swarowski were also on display, though Kask don’t expect them to go on sale until at least this time next year. No price has been confirmed, but don't expect much change from £200.


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