Kona 2010: Mountain bike range highlights

New Cadabra models, Hei Hei 100 and kids' bikes

Kona have unveiled several new mountain bikes for 2010, including the Cadabra and Abra Cadabra all-mountain machines, a 100mm-travel Hei Hei cross-country rig and some new hardcore kids' bikes. Check out the thumbnails on the right for more images.


The new Cadabra bikes use Kona's Magic Link suspension design, previously only seen on their CoilAir line. This is essentially Kona's usual four-bar design with a spring added as a fifth 'bar' between the lower shock mount and seat tube.

The idea is that as the bike heads downhill and digs deeper into its travel, the angles automatically slacken and the rear end elongates for stabler handling, the suspension becomes more progressive and travel increases from 105mm to 160mm.

Both bikes are said to weigh less than 30lb (13.6kg) and feature a butted scandium frame with tapered head tube, hydroformed down tube and cold-forged detailing, a Fox RP23 shock and 32 Float RL 15mm-axle fork, and a smattering of own-brand finishing kit.

Kona cadabra: kona cadabra
Kona cadabra: kona cadabra

The cheaper Cadabra model boasts a mix of XT, SLX and Deore kit, plus Mavic wheels

The top-end Abra Cadabra costs £2,400 and comes with a mix of Shimano XT and SLX kit, including XT wheels. The £1,850 Cadabra cuts costs by downgrading some of the kit to Deore and changing to Mavic Crossride wheels. Claimed weight is under 28lb.

Kona cadabra: kona cadabra
Kona cadabra: kona cadabra

The Cadabra bikes use the Magic Link system (the wingnut won't appear on production bikes)

Hei Hei 100

Also new for 2010 is the Hei Hei 100. Like its stablemates the Hei Hei and the 29er Hei Hei 2-9, this is a full-suspension cross-country race bike.

As the name suggests, suspension travel at both ends is boosted to a more trail-friendly 100mm (4in), compared with the standard model's 63mm (2.5in) rear and 80mm (3in) front.

Kona hei hei 100: kona hei hei 100
Kona hei hei 100: kona hei hei 100

The Hei Hei 100 gains an extra inch-and-a-bit of suspension travel at the rear

The 100 boasts the same Kona Race Light Scandium butted frame, with a new headtube shape, hydroformed tubing, asymmetrical chainstays and lightweight magnesium rockers.

It comes with a Fox RP2 shock, RockShox Recon SL Solo fork, Mavic Crossride wheels, Shimano M575 disc brakes and a mixture of XT, SLX and Deore kit for £1,600. (The standard Hei Hei is £2,500 and the 2-9 is £2,300).

Kona hei hei 100: kona hei hei 100
Kona hei hei 100: kona hei hei 100

Magnesium rockers help keep weight down to a minimum on the Hei Hei 100

Cowan 2-4

For the young rippers out there, the Cowan 2-4 is a small-wheeled take on the Cowan dirt jumper. It comes with a 13in frame and 24in wheels, 100mm-travel Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 3 fork, Tektro Auriga Comp disc brakes and Kona Jackshit pedals. RRP is £650.

Kona cowan 2-4:
Kona cowan 2-4:

The Cowan 2-4 is a scaled down version of the 26in Kona Cowan dirt jump bike

Stinky 2-4

The children's Stinky full-suspension bike has also been revised for 2010 and now boasts a lighter weight and more streamlined look. Spec is similar to the Cowan 2-4, with a Marzocchi Roco coil R shock. RRP is £1,100.

Kona stinky 2-4:
Kona stinky 2-4:

The 2010 Stinky 2-4 is lighter, better looking and has plush Marzocchi suspension

Other models

We haven't got space to list all of Kona's other 2010 mountain bike models here, but you can find all the details at www.konaworld.com. There have been weight savings across the range – the Stab downhill bike is said to be a whole 3lb (1.36kg) lighter – as well as a return to more understated graphics and colour schemes.

Although it isn't new, one bike that caught our eye was the stealth-black 2010 Stinky Deluxe. With its Truvativ HammerSchmidt internal gearing and DOPE floating disc brake, Marzocchi Roco shock and 66 forks, this 180mm-travel, 18-speed big-hit bike is the product of a decade's worth of refinements. RRP is £3,000.

Kona stinky deluxe:
Kona stinky deluxe:

The 2010 Stinky Deluxe boasts 18 gears thanks to Truvativ's HammerSchmidt system

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