Lance: 'I have nothing to hide'

Lance Armstrong says that he is nothing to hide after it is revealed a French prosecutor is investig

Lance Armstrong says that he is nothing to hide after it is revealed a French prosecutor is investig
PICTURE BY TDWSPORT.COM Following Thursday's report in Le Parisien that Annecy prosecutor Philippe Drouet is undertaking a preliminary investigation into allegations made about Lance Armstrong in the book 'LA Confidentiel', the American rider has told L'Equipe he has "nothing to hide". Contacted in the US, where he is training for the start of his season, Armstrong said when asked about the investigation: "Although we haven't officially been made aware of the inquiry, I will be available at any time and in any place." He also affirmed that he is still aiming to line up in Paris-Nice, the first event in the ProTour, at the start of March. Drouet confirmed to L'Equipe that he is heading a preliminary investigation into alleged doping by Armstrong based on comments made by former US Postal soigneur Emma O'Reilly in 'LA Confidentiel'. O'Reilly confirmed comments made in the book when she appeared, with her lawyer, before a Paris-based inquiry last summer. Armstrong is suing O'Reilly for defamation. According to L'Equipe, Drouet and his team are most interested in the relationship between Armstrong and an Annecy-based osteopath/nutritionist, Benoit Nave. Contacted by L'Equipe, Nave said that he had not spoken to the police about his working relationship with Armstrong. "I have worked on several occasions with Lance Armstrong since October 2002," said Nave. "At that time he had already won four Tours de France. We met in San Francisco and he underwent a nutritional consultation with me. There is nothing to hide in all this, and it is always interesting to work with people like Armstrong." Nave said that he had also been attended to Armstrong in 2003 in his role as an osteopath after the American suffered a series of crashes. Drouet's investigation is designed to ascertain whether there is sufficient need to open a judicial inquiry into this matter.
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