Landaluze cleared by Spanish federation

Euskaltel's I¤igo Landaluze looks set to return to racing at next week's Tour of Catalonia after an

Euskaltel's I¤igo Landaluze looks set to return to racing at next week's Tour of Catalonia after an


After Aitor Gonzalez last week, I¤igo Landaluze has become the latest Spanish rider to be cleared of a suspected doping offence after further scientific investigation cleared the Euskaltel rider of any wrongdoing. Landaluze had been under investigation after dope controls taken during his victory at last year's Dauphin Liber showed abonormalities in his testosterone levels.

Landaluze's situation arose from a series of three tests that he underwent on the closing days of the Dauphin. The sample tested on the French race's final Saturday, the second of those Landaluze underwent, seemed to show the presence of exogenous testosterone, that is to say not produced by his own body. After much further analysis, however, it has been shown that the testerone was endogenous - produced naturally within the Basque rider's body.

Landaluze is reported to have had a problem with his testosterone levels since he was a teenager, and has always had an International Cycling Union-endorsed certificate to support this. It now remains to be seen what action the Court of Arbitration for Sport might take over the issue. They have a month to appeal against the rider being cleared to compete by his federation.

However, it seems likely that, almost a year on from his career-best Dauphin victory, Landaluze will soon make a return to racing with Euskaltel, who have never suspended him and supported him through the investigatory process. Already listed as a reserve by Euskaltel for a number of recent races, Landaluze is expected to appear for them in next week's Tour of Catalonia.

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