Landis hearing: LeMond hints at confession, accuses Landis camp of intimidation

Testifying at the Floyd Landis hearing, Tour winner Greg LeMond accuses the Landis camp of attempted

Testifying at the Floyd Landis hearing, Tour winner Greg LeMond accuses the Landis camp of attempted

Three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond testified Thursday at the hearing into Floyd Landis' Tour de France positive drug test and dropped two bombshells into the case.

According to LeMond, Landis implied that he had used drugs in the Tour. LeMond also accused a Landis advisor of intimidation to try and prevent him from testifying. The near-confession came in a telephone conversation on August 6 between LeMond and Landis after the news of Landis' positive A-sample test from stage 17 of the Tour, LeMond told the hearing. "I was very careful and said to him: 'Because I don't know if you did or didn't (take drugs) but if you did you could be the one to salvage the sport," the Guardian reported LeMond as saying.

"I said: 'I hope and encourage you to come clean'. "His response was: 'What good would it do'. He said he didn't see that anything good would come out of this. 'If I did, it would destroy a lot of friends and a lot of people,' he said." LeMond accused Landis's manager Will Geoghegan of attempting to prevent his testimony from occurring. During the August 6 conversation, LeMond said, he had attempted to show Landis the danger of keeping secrets.

"I told him I was sexually abused before I got into cycling and that it nearly destroyed me by keeping it secret," LeMond said. "If you did take testosterone, for your own health and your own future -- you are 30 years old -- this will come back to haunt to you. I shared this with him with the idea of him seeing what keeping a secret would do." LeMond said he had received an anonymous phone call Wednesday night from someone identifying himself as 'Uncle Ron'. LeMond told the hearing that the caller said, "This is your uncle and I'm going to be there tomorrow. I'm going to be there and we can talk about how we used to hide your weenie." LeMond added, "I got the picture right away that there are very few people who know about that. I figured this was intimidation."

LeMond said he attempted to call back and got the voicemail account of someone called 'Will'. After three more calls the phone was answered by a person identifying himself as 'Bill'. LeMond then called the police and the number saved on his mobile phone was identified as belonging to Landis' manager Will Geoghegan. A witness tampering report has been filed against Geoghegan, a felony offense in California, and the Landis team later revealed that Geoghegan had been sacked as Landis' manager.

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