Lazer roll out Autofit retention system

New design automatically adjusts helmet fit

Belgian helmet brand Lazer have unveiled a new retention system called Autofit which, as the name suggests, automatically adjusts to fit a rider’s head.

The new design is based on Lazer’s current Rollsys fitting system, but the manual adjustment dial is replaced with a flat spring hidden within the helmet’s foam and shell. This loads a cable attached to the fitting cradle.

When the rear retention basket of the Autofit system is opened – when fitting the helmet to head – the spring uncoils. It then recoils when released, applying pressure and creating a 360-degree fit similar to the manual system.

Lazer's new autofit retention system:
Lazer's new autofit retention system:

The inner workings of the Autofit system

The patent pending Autofit system is said to provide a constant, comfortable pressure regardless of head size or shape. It's already available on two of Lazer’s children's helmets – an area of the market where a fast and foolproof fitting system is particularly important – the 2011 P’nut and Nut’Z.

Both lids have suggested retail prices of US$50 and are available now. “We're using it on children’s helmets for now but may expand Autofit to adult helmets in the future,” Christopher Smith, Lazer’s US ‘helmeteer’, told BikeRadar.

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