L'Etape du Tour 2005

As most keen cyclists will know the arrangements for overseas entry into L'Etape du Tour have been c

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As most keen cyclists will know the arrangements for overseas entry into L'Etape du Tour have been changed for 2005. For next year at least, individual entries will not be available for overseas riders - instead you will have to secure your place through one of a number of designated suppliers. This has understandably led to a fair amount of disgruntlement and a run on places on the organised tours.

Cycling Plus has now been approached by one of the UK's designated Etape suppliers, Sports Tours International, with the idea of putting together a C+ Etape holiday for 100 readers. We would offer three different types of package ranging from a self-drive option to a more bells and whistles VIP offer which might include flying to wherever the Etape is to take place, and the possibility of going on maybe one, or two UK-based training camps beforehand.

Because we don't know where or when the Etape will be yet we can't be definite on dates or prices, but what we can say is that we are aiming for a price range of between £300 and £700ish.

What we can say is that accommodation will be of a decent standard, and we want all the C+ Etapers staying in the same place. As well as your entry into the event everyone in the squad will get a C+ top to wear on the day, so it really will be like riding as part of a team. You will also get training advice sheets sent out to help you prepare and we'll pick out a couple of pre-Etape warm-up events where we can meet up and get to know each other. On the day we will be there with help and advice before and during the ride itself, and afterwards we will all get together for a slap-up celebration meal. The other thing you can be sure of is that we are not going to put our name to anything that isn't going to be the best possible Etape experience that we can give our loyal readers.

The first step to getting a place on the C+ Etape Squad is to either hit the link below or email peterdavies@sportstoursinternational.co.uk putting Cycling Plus in the subject line, you will then need to follow that up with a refundable £100 deposit. Places are limited so it has to be first come first served. We will be running a reserve list though, so if you don't make it first time don't give up.

Sports Tours International

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