#letscleartheair gathers pace

BikeRadar and Fiat campaign hots up on Twitter

BikeRadar and Fiat's promotion for better sharing of the roads has built up steam on twitter today, with #letscleartheair generating plenty of feedback.

We asked our followers to tweet their suggestions as to how cyclists and motorists can better share our roads. using the #letscleartheair hashtag. On offer were prizes for the best tweets as well as the chance to win a coaching day at Manchester Velodrome courtesy of Fiat Punto GBT.

Here's a sample of what you've sent us. Keep them coming...

Selene Yeager @FitChick3  I'm a mom. You might want to push me off the road. But my daughter wants me to come home. See the human under the helmet.#letscleartheair

Andy Valentine @MrAndyValentine  #letscleartheair Best tip I can give fellow cyclists is simply to indicate early. We're harder to spot, so let's make sure we're seen in time

Mark Hancock @RourkeRider  Hey cyclists say hello to each other, it's not hard to acknowledge someone. #letscleartheair.

Rory Campion @CheekiMunkie  @bikeradar the mornings are getting lighter, but don't forget something hi-vis, get yourself noticed not flattened #letscleartheair

Neil Kitching @furiouscyclist I'm not just a cyclist. When I'm in my car, I'm a driver. When I'm not on my bike, I'm a pedestrian. #letscleartheair @bikeradar

James Hayward @miniboyjim  @bikeradar only way you will get to destination faster (both cyclists and drivers) is to leave the house earlier Dont rush #letscleartheair

Beth Anderson @roseofwinter  Drivers: The cyclist on the road is not waging a personal war against your liberties, they're just trying to get somewhere. #letscleartheair

GoTriangle @gotriangle  MT @riersonphoto: Treat the cyclist in front of u as if they were ur son, daughter, husband or wife. They ARE someone's.

Andy Willetts @andywilletts  @bikeradar Drivers- Before you pull out in front of an oncoming cyclist, think: "Would I do this if it was a lorry coming". #letscleartheair

Guitar Ted @guitarted1961  Turn your one finger salutes into five finger ones. No need to be provocative. #letscleartheair

Andy Adshead @AndrewAdshead  @bikeradar Fellow cyclists please, please, please don't run red lights. Makes us all look like idiots #letscleartheair

Ryan Mitchell @_RyanMitchell @bikeradar - drivers - every cyclist you see is one more free parking space! #letscleartheair

Nigel Farquhar @Wataboutya  A door width is for your safety, a lane width is for mine. Treat a cyclist as you would a car in an overtake #letscleartheair

Steve Price @spricey  @bikeradar #letscleartheair Obey the laws, respect each other & don't get angry...For everyone. ...

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