Man pleads not guilty in San Francisco hit-and-run

Four cyclists mown down in car spree

David Mark Clark pleaded not guilty to charges of three counts of attempted murder in the San Francisco Superior Court on Thursday, June 17, according to San Francisco police lieutenant Lyn Tomioka.

The Albany resident allegedly targeted and hit four male cyclists in a driving rampage with his blue Nissan Rogue through the Mission and Potrero neighbourhoods of the city on Wednesday, June 2.

“He went to court yesterday, ”Tomioka said. “He pleaded not guilty yesterday to these charges. This could take months. There are medical and psychological issues involved in this case and that will be part of the court process to see if he was fit or not when the time comes. That is for the doctors to determine.

"It will take a while to find out what his motivation was," she warned. "We have not determined what the motivation was yet.”

The San Francisco Police Department searched for Clark for five days, following reports of a motorist who targeted and hit four male cyclists and fled the scene by foot on 2 June. On 7 June, Clark allegedly made a false police report to the Albany Police Department stating that his car had been stolen in San Francisco.

“Investigative leads in the East Bay checked in with the Albany Police Department, ”Tomioka said. “When he went in to file his police report, those reports went in to San Francisco and our inspectors on the case went to Albany to arrest him for the attempted murder of the four bicyclists.”

According to Tomioka, Clark is being held at the San Francisco County Jail. He was charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of felony hit-and-run, with further charges pending.

“The fourth bicyclist sustained minor injuries so Clark wasn’t actually charged in that,” Tomioka explained. “He will also have civil charges pending because he damaged two other vehicles, and one was clearly a total.”

Tomioka said it appeared that Clark targeted the bicyclists at four different locations. Following the fourth incident, he ran his car into a pole and fled the scene on foot.

Emergency crew responded to the incident at 9.45pm. None of the cyclists were killed. However three were taken to the San Francisco General Hospital, but all are expected to recover.

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