Metal Hammer Awards

The second annual Metal Hammer Awards are coming! This year's bash, hosted by the magazine edited by

Golden God Awards 2004
The second annual Metal Hammer Awards are coming! This year's bash, hosted by the magazine edited by former MBUK writer Jamie Hibbard, is set to take place on Monday 7th June at London's The Ocean.
The show - as far removed from those stiff black tie events as you can get - features live bands as well as the Awards. Invited bands, VIPs and of course Metal Hammer readers will all be attending and this year those masters of Gothic majesty HIM are confirmed to headline.
Last year, the very first Golden Gods, attracted the likes of Marilyn Manson (absinthe anyone?), The Darkness (who picked up their very first award), Funeral For A Friend, Lemmy, Amen, Gary Numan, John Paul Jones, HIM, Inme, Cradle of Filth to name a few. Fun and games were had by all with kickass live appearances, strange people in strange outfits and some very bad behaviour. oh, and Entertainment Arts kindly provided game pods for sideline entertainment.
The full list of nominations is yet to be announced (10 categories) but public votes will be represented in the following categories:

A. Akercocke
B. Bleeding Through
C. In Flames
D. Converge
E. Lamb Of God

A. The Darkness 'Love Is A Feeling'
B. Incubus 'Megalomaniac'
C. HIM Funeral Of Hearts'
D. Metallica 'St.Anger'
E. Amen 'California's Bleeding'

A. Avenged Sevenfold
B. Young Heart Attack
C. Chimaira
D. Funeral For A Friend
E. The Bronx

B. The Distillers
C. Metallica
D. Killswitch Engage
E. Dimmu Borgir

A. Metallica
B. Iron Maiden
C. Lostprophets
D. Machine Head
E. Slayer

The three remaining live acts will be announced next month. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be feckin' LOUD!
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