Milani offering limited edition steel all-rounder frameset

TIG welded Columbus steel frame and fork

Milani, the Gallarate based purveyors of fine Italian hand crafted frames ranging from steel through to carbon fibre composites, have just added a new steel all-rounder frameset to their line-up. 

The Fango Puro is a TIG welded Columbus steel frame with a new fork crown on all new fork legs. Rack mounts, canti mounts and

mud guard mounts are added, so the finished product can best be described as a lightweight steel tourer with a pinch cyclocross (tyre clearances and canti brakes, for instance). 

If you're in the market for an all-rounder on the run up to winter you'd best get on the case quick if you fancy one of these; there's already a long list of orders for Milani's new do-anything steel offering.

Price and weight not available yet.

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