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Jan Ullrich says he's considering riding for up to two more years, Damiano Cunego puts his chances o

Jan Ullrich says he's considering riding for up to two more years, Damiano Cunego puts his chances o
PIC BY TDWSPORT.COM Having previously suggested that he might retire at the end of this season if results did not go his way, T-Mobile leader Jan Ullrich has told German TV channel ZDF that he might prolong his career "for another one or two seasons". Ullrich, who is set to ride the Tour of Switzerland later this week, also admitted that "any other result but a victory in the Tour de France would be a huge disappointment". - Damiano Cunego has hinted that he might not start the Tour de France next month, with the suggestion being that he might prefer to ride the Vuelta in September and use that as a launching pad for the Worlds in Salzburg later that month. Cunego told Italian news agency ANSA he would make a decision on the Tour in mid-June. "For the moment there is a 50% chance I will be at the start as I will hardly be riding at all during June and I've already pulled the Italian road championship from my programme," said the Lampre team leader. "I really want to measure myself against the leading riders, but I need to progress still further before I can target a high overall finish," he added. - Temporarily suspended from competition by his Phonak team after being implicated in the recent Operacion Puerto doping scandal in Spain, Giro d'Italia runner-up Jos Enrique Gutierrez has told Spanish daily AS he can't understand why he's not being allowed to race. "I've not tested positive and I've not broken my team's ethical code," he rider known as 'El Bufalo' declared. "They've suspended me based on things that have been published in the press before a judge has ruled on them. If Phonak think this is the best way to proceed, then I have to accept that, because they are paying my wages, but I don't share their opinion." Gutierrez said he had been told by his team they had suspended him in line with similar actions taken previously. But he reiterated he had not tested positive, unlike previous riders suspended by Phonak such as Tyler Hamilton and Santiago Perez. Gutierrez refused to comment on the phrase allegedly made by former Kelme and ONCE doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, who was recorded as saying "We have to take the food to the buffalo in Italy", but said his "conscience was very clear". He also refused to say whether Fuentes is his doctor. "I'm not going to say yes or no," he stated, but admitted he was unlikely to start the Tour next month given the doubts currently hanging over him and his lack of racing. "If I don't go to the Tour I will train as hard as I can for the Vuelta and I will go there with the aim of winning it," he explained.
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