Muddbunnies 2008 calendar

Canadian women's riding group bare all

We've all been there - Christmas morning you wake up to unwrap a pair of socks, a bag of tangerines, a DVD you've already got and a 'Cute Dogs' calendar. Well, this year could be different, because the Muddbunnies calendar shows off a whole host of tasty, er puppies.

Muddbunnies Riding Club is a women's riding group and race team based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and its members have posed for the calendar and bared all in the name of riding. C$1 from every calendar sold will be donated to the Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association and the Richard Juryn Memorial Fund.

I'm sure you know a biking friend or relative who'll appreciate this calendar, so why not support the Muddbunnies this Christmas...

Calendars will be available from December 1st from, and of course for C$24.99.

Students of the lycra-clad form might be interested in the girls in lycra shorts and men in lycra shorts threads on our forums, which have stimulated plenty of debate so far.

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