National Points Series 4X

The second round of the 4X race series was held over the weekend at the home of the infamous Cheddar

Round 2 - Cheddar
The second round of the 4X race series was held over the weekend at the home of the infamous Cheddar Challenge at Broadway House Campsite. They now have an international standard BMX track on site, (which will host the European BMX Championships on the 21st and 22nd June), and it was on that which, controversially (for some!), the 4X was held. GT/Gate Eight rider Dave Wardell said:

"4X needs to decide what it is; whether it is BMXing or Mountain biking. I don't think 4X should be raced on a BMX track. I really enjoyed riding the track, it was ace, but racing on it was not so good."

Dave was not alone in holding this view, but, although it rained heavily throughout the final races, the racing was really exciting, and there was no denying that the downhill BMX track was an amazing venue. Will Longden, riding a full suspension 26 inch Scott USA bike proved to the 24 inch rigid cruiser riders that they didn't necessarily have the bikes best suited to the race.

Most impressive was Richard Batey, a relatively unknown 4X rider who deservedly took the win in the extremely close final.

The final was hard with Nigel Page and Will Longden losing some time out of the gate which found them coming on to the first straight in 3rd and 4th . Will was leading by the second straight and cleared the doubles, with only BMX Batey catching him up. The battle behind them continued with Scott and Nigel swapping positions throughout.

Will had planned to thrill the crowd by clearing the last doubles and triple but lost some speed on the last berm, allowing Batey to come through on the inside and pip him at the post. Will came in second, Scott 3rd and Nigel 4th/Report Nick Larsen & Tamara Longden

Pro Results:
1. Richard Batey
2. Will Longden (Scott/MBUK)
3. Scott Beaumont (Beaumont Racing)
4. Nigel Page (Dirt Magazine/ Intense)
5. Martin Ogden
6. Jamie Tompkins (Base Bikes)
7. Dave Wardell (GT / Gate Eight)

Opening pic: Will Longden did it on full sus
Main pic: Wardell watches 24inch cruisers in the rain
Pic 1: Someone send us a jpg of Richard Batey:-)
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