New kids' bike 'develops' with your child

Swap between four, three and two wheels

A new children's bike has been developed that transforms as your child grows up. The Quadra Byke can be changed from a four-wheeled toy into a tricycle and then a two-wheeler.

The secret lies in Nottingham-based designer Tony Wayman's patented multi-axle system, which allows wheels to be added or removed without the use of any tools.

He says: "Not only does this give youngsters added play value, it also allows them to develop confidence and accommodates a degree of growth during those early years of three to six when they seem to be getting bigger by the day."

The Quadra Byke conforms to European and US safety standards, from its paint to a fully enclosed chain so little fingers can't get trapped, and has been designed to withstand the inevitable knocks and bangs.

It has wide wheels for stability and an adjustable height seatpost. Available in Fire Red, Ice Silver, Kiss Pink and Wave Blue, it will retail at around £109.99. For details, visit the Quadra Byke website.

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