New Women's Road and Triathlon specific training camps in Girona, Spain

Whilst surfing the web looking for the chance of some early spring sunshine, we found the EuroCycle

Whilst surfing the web looking for the chance of some early spring sunshine, we found the EuroCycler website offering a specialist training camp for women riders who want to boost their pre-season fitness in style. Whether you're an aspiring elite rider or a weekend warrior there's a group session with your needs in mind. You get to choose between 112 mile epics into the mountains near Girona or a more civilised 40 miler round the coastal roads and everything in between too.

We were quite taken by the pre-departure coaching and support available, so you get the most from the camp and learn how to keep your improved form once you return home too. EuroCycler's Women's Cycling Clinic hosts a series of evening discussion and presentations with emphasis on training issues and female topics,that is we imagine, if you can drag yourself away from the jacuzzi or peaceful relaxation room.

For blokes, there are co-ed weeks available both for road-specific and triathlon training camps in Spain, as well as 88th Giro D'Italia, Flander's Hell Week trip or better still ride the Tour de France route with luxury hotels and full back up. EuroCycler offers group coaching and warm-up rides to help you prepare for the epic rides and they fully support you on the road and throughout the trip. You also get to watch the final stage of the Tour in VIP style on the Champs-Elyses high above the crowds for an excellent vantage point.

Prices start at £ 590 for one of the road training weeks in Lance's European home town of Girona, Spain. The Women's Cycling Clinic runs during 2nd-9th April 2005, see website for other co-ed dates.

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