New XTR kit at MBUK towers

We get a lot of boxes arriving at the MBUK towers. We're pretty much spoilt - actually we are spoilt

Lovely shiny new stuff...

We get a lot of boxes arriving at the MBUK towers. We're pretty much spoilt - actually we are spoilt - but every now and then something arrives that really is that little bit special. This time it's the delivery of the new Shimano XTR grouptset. XTR groupsets don't come around every year and it certainly didn't take us long to rip into the packaging. These are still preproduction samples but pretty much what's shown here is how it will come through, give or take a few minor colour shades.

We've seen and ridden the groupset a few months previous but this is the first time we've manage to get our own devious hands on a complete set for thorough testing. Much like SRAM's XO groupset, XTR will encompass all disciplines to deliver the highest performance be it XC race, trail or downhill. Again, stay tuned because it will be popping up for reviews in the magazine.

The 2007 XTR is staring to dribble through on some new bikes but the standalone groupset will be available in limited quantities from the beginning of October and should be up to steam by November. So get saving and get you're order in.

We've also managed to get hold of the only pair of XTR wheelsets available to the press in Europe. The Scandium rimmed, UST compatible hoops weigh an impressive 702g/840g (front/rear) and we know from smacking them around the trails in Wales that they stand up to the abuse.

If you're seriously interested in getting an order in this is how the prices breakdown. Not the cheapest, but it never has been, and you are investing in the pinnacle of bike performance.

XTR DualControl Levers - £220/180 (Disc/V-Brake)
XTR Rapidfire Shifter - £110/pair
XTR Rear Mech - £85
XTR Front Mech - £65/50 (top swing/conventional)
XTR Brake Levers and Hose - £115
XTR Disc Calliper and Disc - £100 (Discs available in 160,180,203mm and a rear 140mm)
XTR Chainset - £300
XTR Cassette - £110
XTR Front Hub - £70 and £90 for a 20mm bolt axle
XTR Rear Hub - £115
XTR Chain - £27
XTR Wheelset - £500
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