Nike’s new ‘skate style’ SPD shoes

Fresh Nike kit unveiled for the Olympics

Nike revealed a new SPD shoe with a skateboard vibe at its recent Innovation Summit in Portland, Oregon. The summit was an opportunity for the company to present some of its latest styles and technologies to the public for the first time – much of it destined to be used in anger at the Beijing Olympics. The Nike Dunk Gyrizo (Greek for wheel) will be used by the US, Chinese and Japanese BMX riders during the event later this year.

The Gyrizo resemble Nike’s popular Dunk line of shoes, but is, according to Nike, “built using Lance Armstrong’s cleat.” 

They come with straps on the upper and a pocket to keep laces out of the rider’s spokes and drivetrain.  A durable outsole compound, kevlar laces and metal grommets have been used to increase durability.

BMX Uniforms

The new BMX uniforms are made using Dri-FIT and No Sew technology and have been designed with a retro 1980s style, with a Bob Haro-designed star logo on the riding trousers, and phrases written on the seat of the trousers.

Check them out:

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