North Carolina hit and run leaves six cyclists injured

Driver to appear in court this week

The USA's North Carolina Highway Patrol has charged Daniel Wilson II with six counts of Class H felony for a hit-and-run.

Wilson allegedly swerved his Nissan Pathfinder into a bicycle group ride, for reasons still unknown, hitting six cyclists and dragging one under the vehicle before fleeing the scene in Cabarrus County, NC on Wednesday 19 May.

Wilson, 21, turned himself in at the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office, four hours after the incident but was released on a promissory note to appear in court  on Tuesday 25 May. It was reported that a Carrabus County prosecutor will ask the judge to review the officer’s decision to release Wilson without bond.

The Cabarrus County District Attorney's Office is determining Wilson’s intentions in the incident. If convicted, Wilson could face 30 months of prison time for each of this Class H felony charges along with additional charges.

According to reports, Wilson was driving north on Saint Stephens Church Road and turned into a group of 18 cyclists travelling south toward Mt Pleasant, going downhill at about 30 mph. Six cyclists were hit and one cyclist was caught under the car as Wilson tried to drive away. He got free as Wilson proceeded to drive North on Saint Stephens Church Road, according to Sgt. G.A. Barger of the Highway Patrol.

No riders were killed. Four of the victims, Lori Harkey, Tim Sigmon, Jack King and Nathan Gray were taken to the Carolinas Medical Center-Northeast in Concord. The list of injuries included head trauma, broken bones, bruising and lacerations.

Nick Fishbein and Richard Hancock, the cyclist caught under the vehicle were treated on site.

As Wilson fled the scene, a motorist followed him to record his license plate numbers. The car was traced to Wilson’s father and both parents help police locate Wilson.

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