Nutrition round-up: Kinetica 100% Energy

Plus energy and recovery drinks from YourSportsFuel

We've become big fans of Kinetica nutrition products since first being introduced to them earlier this year. Their new 100% Energy drink does nothing to change that. 

It's designed as more of a hydrating drink than an out-and-out energy fluid, with each 35g sachet providing 131kcal of energy (32.8g carbs). Both Berry and Tropical flavours have a very light taste that's easy to get down, and contain sea salt for hydration.

The scientific blurb says it contains vitamins, plus green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid, which is said to boost performance by limiting the effects of damaging free radicals. That's difficult to prove – all we can do is give the product the thumbs up. 100% Energy comes in packs of 15 sachets, available through Kinetica's website for £16.99.


If you like your cycling nutrition to come in industrial-sized vats, YourSportsFuel might be for you. The Wigan-based firm distribute through Veroli in the UK and produce energy and recovery drinks, muscle fuels, supplements such as Pro Omega and superfoods such as goji berries in tubs up to 5kg. Never again will you be caught short before a big ride.

YSF2.2Energy is their carbohydrate energy drink for rides under two hours in duration. Each 50g serving contains 191kcal and 43g of carbohydrate, and comes in Orange and Tropical flavours. It's available directly in cases of 500g (£7.99), 1.2kg (£12.99) and 5kg (£49.99).

It has a natural, neutral, refreshing orange taste that stays pleasant over long rides without being unsettling. We've done a number of long, fast rides on 2.2 and still felt good at the end, with no cramps, which is enough to satisfy us that it works as well as our other favourites such as SIS Go.


YSF4:1Enduro Energy is a 4:1 carb/protein mix and is designed for rides beyond the two-hour mark. It comes in Berry flavour in 1kg (£17.99) and 5kg (£64.99) tubs. It packs in 242kcal per 50g serving, with 38g carbs and 9.5g protein, and contains the electrolytes necessary for long stints in the saddle in hot and humid conditions.


YSFR6 Recovery is a high protein (35.5g per 100g serving) post-ride delight with added vitamins, creatine and arginine. it comes in 1kg (£19.99) and 5kg (£74.99) packs in Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavours.

Using it immediately after riding and between sequential riding days demonstrated a good level of recovery on par with what we'd expect from a tailored protein drink. The banana taste is quite subtle and it's less sweet than some - not our favourite but drinkable. Less lactose-tolerant riders might find it less suitable though.


After early cycling flirtations with the Tour de France on childhood holidays, John Whitney fell for it hook, line and sinker in his mid-20s as an escape from the more sedate sports of his youth. As a classically trained news reporter, he snagged his dream job as a cycling writer straight out of college and is now fully immersed in the industry and wouldn't have it any other way.
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