O-range Jet Backpack - Just in

Inflatable padding system among unique features

The Jet Backpack (£77.95) from Italian brand O-range has an interesting design. It features the patented Air-range inflatable padding system on the back panel, replacing the dense foam of traditional designs.

While this will help to increase comfort and protection, breathability should also be improved, meaning no more sweat-drenched backs during long days in the saddle. You just self-inflate the interior valve and open it when you need to store it. Other features include a water-resistant construction, meaning the internal pockets for your electronics should be kept dry. The bag is also available in a 'solar' version (£149.95), which has a solar panel connected to a rechargeable battery system providing power for your phone and MP3.

Both bags, plus the rest of O-Range's bags, are available through this weekend at hugely reduced prices in our Daily Deal. Courtesy of distributor Greyville, spending just £10 will get you a 50 percent discount voucher to spend on their entire range. This means you can pick up this bag for £48.98 or the solar version for just £84.98. With RRPs up to £199.95, savings close to £100 can be made. Visit our Daily Deal site for more info.

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