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For those of us who come over all faint and giddy at the very idea of flogging ourselves full out ac

Over training is one of Ma Nature's dirtier tricks...
For those of us who come over all faint and giddy at the very idea of flogging ourselves full out across country for hours, the idea of over training seems ludicrous. But that's the way it is, take your body too far and it revolts leaving you with handfuls of nothing when you dig deep. Even the most experienced riders fall into the trap.

"I had a mare at Fort William, I was gutted. I went road racing in France which is the best way to become fully fit, but I went that little bit too far and Duh!

"The trouble is getting out of it when you have a race every week. I had a lousy DNF in the NPS race too. But after the Mountain Mayhem 24hr I've got a couple of weeks off, so that should do the trick.

What's the international race scene like these days? I know a lot of riders were happy to win what they called 'the clean race', which might mean coming somewhere in the 20s. Is there still a lot of cheating?

"It's not as bad as it was in the 90s. But the doctors and coaches from the road get involved in MTB too and it happens. I don't even think about it. I just get on with what I'm doing. It gets to you a lot more if you're close to the front I think, you start wondering how many people in front of you are cheating."

There are some pretty odd things going on now, I hear.

"The latest I heard of is putting fake blood into yourself. It's a sort of Teflon blood substitute used in cardiac surgery".

Wonder why they use human beings at all, they might as well build robots.

"Hmm. There could be one or two of them out there already."

Main Picture: Struggling at Fort William
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