The last time Will and I were together we were at the Sports Medicine Department of Birmingham Unive

Will Longden is back to something like his proper form
The last time Will and I were together we were at the Sports Medicine Department of Birmingham University, discussing the possibility of applying sports psychology to Will. He seems a suitable case for treatment being, so often, the fastest man in practise, then blowing it in the final. As it happened it was impossible to get any meaningful help for this season which was probably just as well.

Lucky we didn't get the Sports Psyches involved, otherwise they'd be taking all the credit, we'd be saying how wonderful they were and it would all be bollocks.

"Yes, it would have been very confusing."

So how do you explain this sudden return of form. The great sex life?

"I don't think it can be just that. There's no one thing I can point to. I was riding well at the end of last season, I got my bike early and I was up for it. So I have spent a lot of time riding downhill already this season. I've raced at Innerleithen four or five times. I was straight on it.

The bike's working well and it's important to me not to have to think about that. I've changed to Maxxis tyres, but best of all I've been riding OK. Confidence is the important thing."

What was all that riding off the course about at Fort Bill?

There was a bus stop and someone knocked a couple of rocks onto the track. I went the wrong side and left the course. Once that's happened you've got to get back on the course where you left it before you can continue. That takes ages so you don't have a chance of doing good. You have three options: Do it right, give up or get back on as soon as possible and hope no one notices.

"I was going to give up. Then I heard the crowd cheering for me and I couldn't. So then I was going to get back on any old how, but if I'd have done well and then been DQd I'd have been really pissed off. So I went by the book."

You must have been going some to get 18th!

"It wasn't so shabby."
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