Osymetric chainring - Just in

As used by Bradley Wiggins

If you follow professional cycling you've probably spotted these distinctively flattened Osymetric chainrings on the bikes of several high profile riders. Bradley Wiggins, David Millar, Alexandre Vinokourov and Bobby Julich are among the pros who've used them and won races with them on.

Like Rotor's elliptical Q-Rings, the Osymetric rings are designed to give you more power through your pedal stroke by effectively increasing the gear ratio on the downstroke, where you're putting in the most force, and reducing it as your foot passes through the bottom of the cycle, where you're putting hardly any in.

It sounds like you're getting something for nothing, and we admit that we're skeptical of the company's claims of power improvements of 10-12% at threshold level and above. After all, your cardiovascular system is usually considered the limiter to endurance exercise, not your leg strength. That said, Wiggins has just taken the biggest win of his career in the Criterium du Dauphine with Osymetrics fitted so...

We've got a couple of sets in for testing, so keep an eye out in Cycling Plus and on BikeRadarfor our own assessment of these interesting looking rings. And yes, they do come with a chain catcher.

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