Pictorial: 24-hour mountain biking Down Under

Moonlight, dust & party frocks at the Mont

Last weekend saw over 1300 riders gather at Majura Vineyard, Canberra for the Mont 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race. Mark Nolan of Getty Images was Captain Ubiquitous all weekend and snapped these excellent images of a very laid-back weekend.

And they're off! A standing/riding start replaced the Le Mans start of previous years, much to everyone's delight.

In the big start thicket of riders, you needed to concentrate to avoid bumping wheels.

Ben Cumming emerges from the dust of the start looking surprisingly cheerful about an opening-minute mechanical. He does have 24 hours to fix it...

Riders wait in transition for the end of the first lap

Riders from the Gu Girls hand over the relay baton.

Joel Read (Total Rush) styles off at the start of a lap

Matt Grootenboer (soft edges) and his team rode in evening gear

Stephen Winslow (www.laughingmind.com) styles it up

Helen McMullen (soft edges) gets a frocking move on in the woods.

Nikki Fischer (Southern Highlands Young and Restless)

Daniel McKay (Giant) fast and focused in the singletrack

Peter McDonald (8 wheels track) leads Rebecca Hall (RE Ratbags)

Stuart Locke (CareFlight Team 2) into the dusk

Jodie Lennox (Giant Mixed) gets in some night riding

Craig Pullen (Onespeed Juggernauts) - his team were second in the mixed singlespeed class but were accused of not drinking enough beer on the way.

Jak Rizzo (Pushy Galore) wonders where the hell that flash came from.

I'm sure this line of red dots leads back to transition

Good moon rising

Chris Wight (Closer Racing Team)

Dawn comes up over Majura

I'm an expert, me!

Never felt better.

Greg Burghardt (IMOS) still climbing after all these hours.

Darryl Cram (Retirement Village People) on the way to victory in the masters

A Careflight bear waits in transition

Alan Vogt (Team Oaf) tries to remember where he put his clothes as he hands over to Garrett McDonald

The winning elite men's team, Gu/SRAM/Niterider: Sid Taberlay, Chris Jongewaard, Brent Miller and Perren Delacour

The winning women's elite team, Brazilian Butterfly: Tory Thomas, Rowena Fry, Katherine O'Shea and Joanna Wall

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