Police asked for road to be gritted

North Wales Police have revealed that they asked for an icy stretch of road to be gritted an hour be

North Wales Police have revealed that they asked for an icy stretch of road to be gritted an hour be


It has emerged that police had requested that the North Wales road where four cyclists were killed on Sunday be gritted an hour before the incident took place. Four Rhyl Cycling Club riders died when they were hit by a car that had skidded on ice on the A547.

The request was made following a previous crash involving a car that had skidded on ice. North Wales Police have revealed they asked for the road to be treated before the accident between Rhuddlan and Abergele. On Monday, Conwy Council said it was examining its procedures regarding treatment of roads following the tragedy.

Conwy councillor Darren Millar told the BBC he he wanted answers as to why such a main road was in such poor condition. "This road appeared to me and other members of the public to be the same as those road surfaces that had not been treated by gritting," he said. "The council released a statement saying the road was gritted at about 1820 GMT on Saturday evening. Clearly, the road surfaces were unacceptable and perhaps a second gritting should have taken place."

North East Wales coroner John Hughes is expected to open an inquest into the deaths later today. The hearing will be adjourned until after the full police investigation. North Wales Police described the deaths of the four cyclists as a "tragic accident" and said there was "no indication to suggest that this is down to something like excessive speed".

However, Peter King, chief executive of British Cycling said: "We don't accept that this was an accident. This was an incident that could have avoided. It was quite clear that a car left the road in a way patently that it should not have done."

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