Police hunt hit-and-run driver in San Francisco

Driver said to have targeted and hit cyclists in four seperate locations

The San Francisco Police Department is searching for a motorist who targeted and hit four male cyclists and fled the scene by foot on Wednesday night.

The driver of a blue Nissan Rogue allegedly targeted cyclists in a driving rampage through the Mission and Potrero neighborhoods, according to San Francisco police Lt. Lyn Tomioka.

“He has not been arrested yet,” Tomioka told BikeRadar. “He was last seen on the site, fleeing the scene of the fourth aggravated assault. The inspectors are following up on all investigative leads but we are not releasing details yet. The inspector who is handling the case will discuss the possible charges with the district attorney.”

“The possibility is aggravated assault, four counts, one for each victim,” she added. “It could be attempted murder. It is very difficult to tell at this point since we don’t know what the motive was or why he appeared to target adult male cyclists. But from the description it became clear, he crossed over lanes of traffic, went into the on-coming lane of traffic to hit at least one of the cyclists. This should be treated as a very, very serious case.”

The suspect is described as a white male. According to witnesses he is possibly injured, as he appeared to limp while fleeing.

“I have no evidence that he is injured,” Tomioka said. “I looked at the car last night where the airbags deployed but I couldn’t see anything, sometimes there will be blood on them but I didn’t see anything last night. He had already hit and run a number of vehicles at these different scenes and at the final scene it looked like he hit a vehicle and sent that into another and maybe backed up so I don’t know at what point he hit the bicyclist there.”

Tomioka told KTVU that the crashes happened in the 2700 block of Harrison Street, the 2800 block of Harrison, at the intersection of 23rd and Pennsylvania streets, and at 17th and Missouri streets.

Tomioka said it appears the driver targeted the bicyclists at four different locations. Following the fourth incident, the suspect ran his car into a pole and fled the scene on foot.

“We are considering them four different crime scenes,” Tomioka said. “Different officers went to each scene and this went on for several hours because of the nature of the aggravated assault. Each did a separate police report but they will all be under one investigation from the detective.”

“Some witnesses at the scene felt that the suspect was targeting the bicyclists,” she added. “The reason that we believed that and connected all four incidents is because we got the same vehicle description from all witnesses at the scene and the vehicle was abandoned with the suspect took off.”

Emergency crew responded to the incident at 9:45pm. None of the cyclist were killed, however, three were taken to the San Francisco General Hospital. “We had multiple witness come forward and many of them assisted the victims at these four different scenes.”

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