Everyone on the downhill race scene knows Robin Weaver. He has no sponsors, he is entirely self-fina

Robin Weaver - self-propelled race head
Everyone on the downhill race scene knows Robin Weaver. He has no sponsors, he is entirely self-financed, he doesn't have two summer weekends to rub together, but because they all started together around the age of ten, he's part of the free masonry of mountain biking.

"Racing is amazing! There's such a great atmosphere. Everyone from the top guys to my sort of level has so much in common. We just love riding bikes."

As an independent Robin's aims this year are to stay in the Top Ten Experts at the very least, while going for top five. And to get UCI points to qualify for the World Cup. It costs him £100 a week in entrance fees, twice that in diesel plus all the other expenses of traveling around the country. He bought a new frame for this season:

"I'm on an Orange 222 frame, built up with bits from my old bikes."

"I'm studying Sports Technology at Brighton University and that brings some perks. I get free gym membership, for example, and I got down there twice a week in the winter. Although I reckon riding is the best training for riding."

Robin's been riding since he was 10, doing XC around the woods of Stroud. He did XC races at 11, but snowboarding and skateboarding were luring him away until he discovered downhill.

The picture shows some of the amazing air Rob got as part of the Saracen Zen Freeride Team, throwing the machine that scored 9 in the last MBUK bike test around the place, in competition with skiers and snowboarders.

"We found this amazing avalanche barrier and the powder was wicked," says Robin. So were the pictures as you'll see in the June issue of MBUK.
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