Rain rain go away, come again another day...that was the general consensus on Sunday, the day chosen

The MBUK.com forum ride of the year, in London, was the occasion for the first deluge of the year and yet still they came, jumped the steps, buzzed H.M. the Q and generally soaked up the atmosphere. Jamie Carter reports.
Rain rain go away, come again another day...that was the general consensus on Sunday, the day chosen for the final big phorum ride of the year. 50 or so riders converged at the London Eye at 11am in weather that can only be described as "pissing it down." Unfortunately I have to take full responsibility for the weather, well not actually the weather itself, but the ride was supposed to be a week previous, unfortunately I was working so had it moved - sorry guys.

As late as ever (bloody trains), I met up with everyone at the only covered place worth riding, the South Bank. Now, covered it may have been, but it was still slippy beyond belief, to the point of lots of us falling off rather comically as we wove around each other.

Eventually everyone showed up and there were the ritual "lets have a go on yer bike" shenanigans.

We decided to brave the weather after some gentle coaxing, we hadn't got very far before we stopped at the nearest bridge on the request of our resident annoying flagger Mr "OnzaDMR" aka Mike. Now people who sit and tap away on these forums rarely know what one another look like, we're all just generally termed as geeks. Some of us, fit the description more than others, and yes Mike I'm referring to you, the epitome of geek, skinny, with milk bottle glasses and spends more time on the net than anyone else!

A geek he may be, but I have to say, he's extremely good on a bike, with a touch of insanity or extreme confidence thrown in for good measure. At the end of the bridge was a perfect stair gap drop and Mike was determined to do it, now I say perfect, perfect had it not been throwing it down with rain! The stairs were metal edged and polished to an icy smooth finish by the millions of feet that have used them, everyone was convinced he was going to eat it, big time.

All pedestrian traffic was stopped by two rather suspicious looking tourists....and Mike took his run up, everyone held their breath as he launched the top set, expecting a skiddy, sketchy, face plant landing, that never arrived. He landed into the second set smoothly and rode it out, even Fin was impressed, and to prove it wasn't a fluke, he did it a second time.

To give you an impression of how poor the conditions were, as soon as I took the lens cap off the camera, it was covered in water and unusable! We rode around in a circle for an hour or so, then rolled up at Buckingham Palace, and promptly rolled out again as the police moved us on. We regrouped at the South Bank, but the day was over, rain had definitely stopped play. After a brief session of sausage roll flinging I rolled back to the train station, dry clothes and a bath were calling me.

So thanks to all the guys that turned up despite the weather, and a big "you lightweight git" to those who didn't - Sam I mean you!

Keep an eye on the phorum for details of the next ride, hopefully this time with better weather!

Picture: Mike's step jump
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