Reaction to the Tour 2007 route

For race organisers Patrice Clerc and Christian Prudhomme, the main focus for next year's Tour will

For race organisers Patrice Clerc and Christian Prudhomme, the main focus for next year's Tour will


Eddy Merckx: "It looks a pretty normal Tour, not easy but not with too much climbing. It's too early to think about who might be the favourites, you have to wait to see who is in form. Although there is no Alpe d'Huez and Ventoux, the race still has tough summit finishes at the Plateau de Beille and on the Aubisque. It's good the race is going to London as well, it will encourage cycling in the city. I saw from my visit to the bike shop recently that there's already lots of enthusiasm for cycling."

David Millar: "My first thought is that it resembles this year's route with the long time trials and the number of summit finishes. It's disappointing there is no Ventoux, especially 40 years on from Tom Simpson's death, but I suppose the organisers were in a difficult position, as it's hardly event to be celebrated, although it could have been commemorated. My personal goal is the yellow jersey in London, I want to do a Chris Boardman and focus on that prologue, although I don't know if I can go as fast as him. For me, it's all about the prologue. As for favourites, the route looks good for Sastre, Vinokourov and Valverde, personally I'd like to see Sastre win."

Patrice Clerc, president of race organisers ASO: "The main problem facing the sport is doping, which was confirmed at the 2006 race. Now, after the initial shock, there are signs of hope. The cheats are going to find it more difficult to escape through the holes in the net, there is more collective awareness and shared determination about the issue. It should be an open race, and it will be open to all riders and teams who arrive with the correct values."

Race director Christian Prudhomme: "The Compigne stage of the race will commemorate my predecessor, Jean-Marie Leblanc, by passing through his hometown of Fontaine au Bois. The fifth stage will be interesting too as it's quite a hilly stage and that could cause some early splits in the contenders. I should also mention the start of the final stage, which is at Marcoussis, home of the national rugby centre, which is fitting as the Rugby World Cup takes place in France next year. For the race, the main priority is that we must have the winner on the podium in 2007 and build on the shared determination to fight doping.

Bradley Wiggins: "For me as a Londoner the best two stages of the race are the first two and there will be a lot of attention on them. The prologue will be my main goal and there could be a British head to head there between me and David Millar. It's a disappointment there is no Ventoux, and the route doesn't look as hard as this year's, but it is a bit different in that the first time trial doesn't come until the third weekend. Apart from the prologue, my main goals will be to win a road stage and to finish again."

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