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Joy of joys, the feedback address on the site is now working and the mails have started pouring in.

Joy of joys, the feedback address on the site is now working and the mails have started pouring in.
Kudos to Armstrong! Lance may not be the greatest cyclist, but no doubt the greatest Tour rider. Shame on LeMond! Greg's criticisms of Lance are uncalled for, and a glimpse of his bitterness. Phil Jones (former Greg LeMond fan), Holland, Michigan, USA Ekimov's gesture was NOT an obscene gesture - it was a Texan "Hook 'em Horns" sign, one of the most recognisable sporting signs in the USA today. The sign originated in 1955 for the Texas Longhorns, the football team of the University of Texas at Austin, and has been popular ever since. Austin is Lance Armstrong's home town. Andy Anderson, Bangor, N. Ireland As a pensioner I can say quite categorically that I've never seen such a performance as that of Lance A. I am so glad that he has devastated the field and his continental critics. Despite his show of 'greatness' he still has his detractors who, although I can't believe it, spit at him when he passes on the way to another stage victory. This smacks of soccer hooliganism where appreciation of the real talent of the man, an American, is lost in a mire populated by idiots - nationalistic idiots who are not 'fans' of the sport. All power to Lance Armstrong and I hope he does it next year as well, just to 'rub it in' a little further! Keith Goldthorpe Bahamontes' comments sound like a bitter old man living in the past. Mark Landry, New Gloucester, ME, USA Having watched the 2004 Tour de France with excitement and anticipation of what will or maybe has now become the greatest sporting victory and comeback ever witnessed, I am dismayed and appalled at the level of abuse rained on the competitors during the Alpe d'Huez stage. Yes, maybe the stage should have been barriered all the way and maybe an individual time trial event will never again take place on the Alpe. Thanks wholly to the so-called fans, with their foul language, aggressive insults and even their spitting at Armstrong and other competitors, I sat at the edge of my seat because I was so nervous of the spectators impeding the cyclists. Respect the athletes or do not show up at the stages. Cycling is a gentleman's sport, where the competitors respect each other and where many have shown their disgust in the fans behaviour. Matt Holland, Stone, Staffordshire, UK I raise my pint of Guinness Stout to your recent accomplishments on redesigning the ProCycling site. Fantastique! as my French-speaking aunt would say. Keep up the good work. Paul Sluder, Jacksonville, FL, USA Thanks so much for revamping that boring old look. Layout is looking great, making surfing through the updated website a pleasure. Congratulations!! Danny Aliperti, Pedal Power Brazil As a huge fan of cycling - and after a huge day like today on La Mongie - I'm scrambling all over the web to find the interviews, analysis, feedback, etc as soon as possible after such an epic stage. I want to thank you and congratulate you on consistently being the first site to publish some of the key interviews with riders, DS's, etc. You're giving us cycling fans what we want, and you're doing a much better job than anyone else on the internet. We're noticing your efforts & we appreciate them! Jeff Engelhardt, Seattle, WA, USA It Rocks Big Time You guys have the detail, the slander, the broader picture, the coverage, the reach, the humour. In English no one can touch you in the ProCyc world Leszek Keep up the great work -- you guys don't shy away from the tough stories. Ed Kriege
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