People are starting to talk about a changing of the guard in British Men's downhill as Gee Atherton

Young riders move on up at World Cup level
People are starting to talk about a changing of the guard in British Men's downhill as Gee Atherton finished top Brit in 8th, here at Kaprun today, with Dave Wardell 11th and Dan Atherton 14th.

Steve Peat, who stacked four times in practise and wasn't on the pace, came 23rd, with limp along Rob Warner 25th. Will Longden was back in 31st, ending a brilliant season on a sad note.

It was worse in the women's really, because Ffionn Griffiths' 3rd and Tracy Moseley's 6th, allowed Sabrina Jonnier to win the series overall and we had been counting our chicks on that one.

So Nathan Rennie is World Cup Champion, and if he's got any of those little tabs that bear his name, perhaps he'd hand them around because some of us have a bad case of indigestion today. Cedric Gracia was 2nd and Mickael Pascal 3rd. Peaty was 9th, Gee 13th. Will Longden 15th and Dan Ath 16th.

To have Sabrina Jonnier as World Cup Champion is bitter indeed, as Ffionn (2nd) and Tracy (3rd) really looked to have that in hand.

And while Gee's results are a bright spot, there are other young riders coming through alarmingly from a chauvinist point of view. Like Sam Hill, Australian, 10th overall, and what was it? 12 seconds faster than Gee in the World Championships last week?

There are quick Ozzies everywhere you look and it's going to take a supreme effort from Peaty, Gee, and company to keep the bastards in check next season.

Oh well, at least they speak English.

Sort of.

World Cup Top Three
Men's DH
1: Nathan Rennie (AUS)
2: Cedric Gracia (FRA)
3: Mickael Pascal (FRA)

Women's DH
1: Sabrina Jonnier (FRA)
2: Ffionn Grifiths (GBR)
3: Tracy Moseley(GBR)

For full results browser over to: the UCI site

Lead picture: Sabrina Jonnier, got stronger race by race
Main picture: Nathan Rennie, World Cup Champion
Picture 1: Dave Wardell, good race at Kaprun.
Picture 2: Will Longden - an excellent season
Picture 3: Gee, keeping it together. Good work.
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