Rescuer Millar feels form is coming

David Millar has told his website how he helped in the rescue of Mickael Pichon.

David Millar has told his website how he helped in the rescue of Mickael Pichon.
Speaking on his website before yesterday's Ventoux time trial, Britain's David Millar said he felt his form was improving during the Dauphin and revealed his role in the rescue of Mickael Pichon, who crashed into a ravine during Wednesday's stage. "I'm getting better every day. I'm not that comfortable because of my skin problems and I have to wear arm bands, which in 35 degrees isn't a happy place!" said Millar, who is being treated for burns received when he was previously treated for eczema. "I'm looking forward to the [Ventoux] time trial," he said, adding presciently. "It will be interesting to see how I do but out of all the hitters I reckon Mayo will cream it." Millar also gave a very personal viewpoint on the crash Pichon suffered on the descent of the col de Mezilhac. "We were riding on the descent in a single line and there were vertical drops so it was pretty hairy. I noticed a rider in front getting pushed to the edge and another rider had to slam on his brakes causing Pichon to swerve and hit the small wall at the side of the road. His forks just snapped and he went flying over the handlebars. "Everyone kept going but I stopped and hoped that it wasn't a vertical drop. Unfortunately, the guy was lying in a foetal position unconscious about 20 metres below, I immediately stopped the nearest car and got them to radio the head commissaire and call for a helicopter. They said they would get the ambulance but I realised he was going to be messed up and needed a helicopter there fast. I heard he had some really bad injuries but from the height he fell he is lucky to be alive."
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