Rider robbed after cycle path incident

Bristol to Bath route cyclist possible victim of violent mugging

A cyclist has suffered serious head injuries after apparently being mugged on a historic UK cycle route.

The victim remains in hospital almost three weeks after he was discovered lying unconscious on the Bristol to Bath Railway Path.
Paramedics called to the scene had to treat the man by torchlight, and carry him up a grass embankment to get him into an ambulance.
The path is significant because it was the first one ever built by the country's leading cycling charity Sustrans between 1979 and 1986.
But in the last decade cyclists have been repeatedly targeted along the route, with muggings for bikes, mobile phones and money.
School children have also been reported as throwing bottles and stones at cyclists, particularly in an old railway tunnel on the approach to Bristol city centre.
Several years ago there was a spate of more serious attacks on cyclists, who were thrown from their bikes when they rode into fishing line which had been strung across the track.
It remains unclear how the latest victim, a 50-year-old man from Staple Hill in Bristol, was injured. He was found on the ground at 11.30pm on Sunday September 2. He'd left his home some two hours before, on his red and white GT mountain bike.
When he was discovered by a passer-by his bike had been stolen, along with some money. It's not known whether he was mugged for his cycle or simply fell off and the bike was stolen separately.
The section of the path, near Drummond Road in Fishponds, Bristol, is, however, neither hilly nor uneven, making it less likely his fall was an accident.
A police spokesman said: "Police were alerted by the ambulance service after an unconscious man was found on the track. We have still been unable to determine the exact circumstances as to how he came to sustain his injuries. Officers would like to hear from anyone who can help their investigations."



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