Riis: 'Ullrich's form is catastrophic'

It might just be mind games, but CSC team boss Bjarne Riis has pulled no punches when asked about Ja


Although most of the noises coming out of the T-Mobile camp about Jan Ullrich's form are upbeat, it seems that the German's former Telekom team-mate Bjarne Riis believes Ullrich is significantly off course in terms of his preparation for the Tour de France.

Speaking to Danish daily BT, CSC team manager Riis described Ullrich's state of form as "absolutely catastrophic" based on observations made when the T-Mobile team leader crossed paths with CSC leader Ivan Basso during a recent training camp in Tuscany.

"It's clear that he doesn't like riding his bike, and for that reason I don't understand why he wants to be a cyclist, it's a waste of his talent," Riis stated. "He needs to wise up right away. My belief in him is dwindling."

Riis added that he thought Ullrich's form probably wasn't that far off that of many of his potential Tour rivals, but was well below Basso's level, who he claimed was "a very long way ahead" of the rest. Riis also said he was "more sure" of Basso's Giro d'Italia prospects this year than he was in 2005.

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