Russians challenge Tyler's gold

The battle for the Olympic time trial gold medal continues, with the announcement by the Russian fed

The battle for the Olympic time trial gold medal continues, with the announcement by the Russian fed
PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE The Russian cycling federation has announced that it will be making an appeal to the Court for Arbitration in Sport (CAS) in an attempt to have Tyler Hamilton stripped of the gold medal he won in the time trial at the Athens Olympics. Their aim is to have 2000 Olympic time trial champion Viatcheslav Ekimov, who finished second in Athens, moved up to the gold medal at Hamilton's expense. The Russians are unhappy with the International Olympic Committee's decision to declare Hamilton the time trial champion despite the American testing positive in an A sample for blood doping at the Games. The IOC's B sample could not be tested because of an insufficiency of red blood cells apparently due to the sample being stored incorrectly. Much of the Russian federation's case focuses on Hamilton's positive test for blood doping in both an A and B sample at the Vuelta, which has led to Hamilton's suspension by his Phonak until the case can be clarified. Russian cycling federation president Alexandre Gusyatnikov described the IOC's decision to maintain Hamilton in the gold medal position as "simply atrocious" in an interview with the Russian Sport-Express newspaper. "Anyone with any common sense would have been laughing when the IOC announced that the B sample had been destroyed," said Gusyatnikov. The Russian federation president added: "Hamilton's A sample was clearly considered as positive by a group of experts as well as by the head of the Athens laboratory. It was just as well that they did not destroy his B sample from the Vuelta." * Guenther Dahms, the man behind the ill-fated Coast team that collapsed at the end of last season, has been ordered to pay his former team leader Jan Ullrich 1.6 million euros (£1 million) in compensation and bonus payments by a civil court in Duisberg, Germany.
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