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ountain bike photographer and MBUK / What Mountain Bike contributor Seb Rogers has launched a new

MTB photographer gets blogging...

Mountain bike photographer and MBUK / What Mountain Bike contributor Seb Rogers has launched a new blog site. 'I know, I know, another blog... ', says Seb. 'But I've been looking for a way to keep my site a bit more up-to-date, and this seems like the ideal way to do it.'

If you've ever wondered what life as a full-time pro mountain bike photographer is like, this is the place to find out.

Seb will be posting sneak previews from his latest shoots, giving insights into the way he works and writing about anything and everything to do with bikes and cameras. 'It's a great excuse for me to blather on about two of the things that I enjoy most', admits Seb. 'Riding... and taking pictures of riding. Most riders take a camera with them when they go out now, and hopefully I'll be able to pass on a few tips along the way to help them improve their shots.'

There's also a free screensaver on the way. 'Mountain bike screensavers seem to be a rare breed', says Seb, 'so I thought I'd do something about it.' Featuring some of Seb's favourite shots, the screensaver also includes a clock and calendar function and will be available for both Macs and PCs. 'It's in the final stages of testing', says Seb, 'and should be available for download in the next week or so. Watch the blog for more details!'

Seb is one of the UK's best-known mountain bike photographers, with over 70 cover shot credits to his name and a career spanning more than a decade. His pictures have appeared in Singletrack, Maximum Mountain Bike, MTB Pro, Mountain Bike World, Cycling Plus and Total Bike, and you can see his work most months in Mountain Biking UK) and What Mountain Bike).

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